eastern vs western red cedar for decks

Western Red Cedar. To some woodworkers, cedar ranks high as the wood of choice for building decks. Others rely on it for lining closets or cigar humidors. How can one wood be It grows throughout the eastern United States, usually to heights of just 20' to 40', though some trees reach 100' or taller. Most people refer to 

From the original questioner: I should have been more specific. It's western red cedar. I haven't bought it yet, but its only $1 LF. I am not going to use it for decking. I am going to use for Adirondack chairs, planters, etc. $1 LF seems like a good price around here for 5 4 material and weather resistant.

Is it a White Cedar fence? Or is it Red Cedar? Northeastern United States and Central and Eastern Canada has locally grown Cedar, Eastern White Cedar or Northern White Cedar—but the real “Western Red Cedar” is a very different material for a couple of different reasons. Long lasting outdoor materials 

Eastern White Cedar out performs Western Red Cedar. Eastern White Cedar is one of the most attractive and Contractors use Eastern White Cedar from Garden Lake Timber for all kinds of outdoor projects such as a cedar deck, cedar fence, yard furniture or retaining wall. It finishes easily or can be left to age naturally to a 

Comments: Although Aromatic Red Cedar is included in the cypress family (Cupressaceae) which includes many species of cedar, it's perhaps more closely related in junipers in the genus Juniperus. In tree form, it is more commonly called Eastern Redcedar, while the wood itself is usually referred to as Aromatic Red 

We design every wood fence, gate, railing or deck we sell so that they will present perfectly balanced at the right sizes and proportions for their surroundings. Eastern White Cedar is a relative of Western Red however, because the average white cedar tree is so much smaller, the lumber is quite a bit more knotty and is 

Cedar lumber is naturally resistant to decay, but its natural abilities come as a significant premium when compared to the cost of pressure-treated lumber.

Western red cedar decks boast more than just good looks. Other benefits to using this decking material include the fact that it's low-maintenance.

Cedar has several advantages as a decking material. Western Red Cedar is the most plentiful decking cedar and is available in several grades: “A ” (that is, A and better) is a clear, gorgeous wood that is It grows only in northern California and Oregon and is often difficult to find on the east coast.

Natural Kiln Dried Eastern White Cedar Shingle Siding. Model# EHD. (43). $7526 box. Free shipping. Set your store Outdoor Essentials 5 8 in. x 3-1 4 in. x 3-1 2 ft. Western Red Cedar French Gothic Fence Picket (13-Pack) . Cedar Double V-Groove Deck Post. Model# 3801. $3697. Free shipping with $45 order.

Western Red Cedar The most common type of cedar you are likely to find at your local lumberyard. Western Red Cedar is more rot resistant than Eastern varieties. It also comes from a significantly larger tree so it can yield a larger variety of dimensional lumber. It is native to the Pacific Northwest. WRC is moderately soft 

Eastern Red Cedar fence boards and posts from Chesterfield Fence & Deck Company are composed of primarily all heartwood as opposed to sapwood. The heartwood of Eastern Red Cedar is much harder than sapwood and, thus, holds its natural color longer. In addition, the natural oil in the heartwood minimizes mold, 

Some studies have shown that posts made of eastern white cedar outlast posts made of western red cedar by as much as 11 years. Both woods have a Many people are also concerned about their children being exposed to the chemicals in pressure treated wood as they walk on decks in their bare feet. A natural material 

It often comes up when designing and building a high end deck what is the best type of wood to use vs Cedar, cedar vs ipe, which is the best wood?

Contractors, builders and DIYers can find technical information on softwood lumber including span tables and calculators, lumber grades, sizes and more.

At Tri-County we install both Western and Eastern Cedar-we really love our Eastern RedCedar !

However, many people know Western Red Cedar for its rustic, resilient furniture. Others may know cedar as the sauna wood which withstands a lot of humidity and heat. Western red cedar grows in the Pacific North West of the U.S. The Northern white cedar grows in Eastern-Southeastern Canada and 

Eastern White Cedar. Cedar 2 (Red). Western Red Cedar Uses Cedar is prized for its natural resistance to decay and insect damage, which makes it ideal for outdoor projects. This wood is often used for shingles, shakes, posts, poles, outdoor furniture, interior paneling, house siding, decks, and saunas. Also, cedar is 

Western red cedar is the most common type of cedar. Another type, Eastern red cedar, is not as widely distributed but is commonly sold as aromatic paneling for closets as well as some specialty applications. It's also used for cedarwood oil for fragrances and for wildlife habitat. The majority of Western red 

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