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Bamboo decking may not have been something you would have considered as a viable material for your deck. But exterior grade bamboo is now available - and with a 20 year limited warranty. More on that later. But first You have probably looked closely at other more common products like composites, or pressure 

It seems that bamboo decking is taking the world by storm. With its attractive look, and its super long life span it almost seems to be the perfect building.

The decking industry is constantly growing and it seems like there's always a “new miracle material” made with fairy dust and rainbows that promises beautiful looks without lifting a finger. However, when we take a deep look into exterior decking products, we begin to see the shortcomings of the miracle 

Ecologix is an Australian company that manufactures smart, environment-friendly and highly sustainable composite products. Two of our signature composite decking products are Ecodeck and Ecodeck Plus. They are made from a composite mixture of the finest bamboo, reclaimed timber and recycled 

Bamboo Decking - Bamboo Decking Reviews. Bamboo decking The ultimate decking material and siding for both commercial and residential use, Enhance your outdoo

"We created a deck with their 3g Bamdeck. Our contractor has a lot of experience with composite decking and followed the Cali Bamboo recommended spacing and fasteners. After two years the decking is CRACKING!!! This is on flat boards with no screw holes, and boards with screw fasteners. This decking is falling apart 

That's why narrowing down the field and concentrating on a specific material can help keep your many choices in check. Alternative materials like plastic and wood flour composites are becoming the new norm in the mainstream of composite decking. But look out, a new competitor is on the horizon—bamboo and PVC.

I am a general contractor in the Lincoln, NE area and have a client that wants a composite deck installed. I gave them The problem is that we cant find many reviews so if anyone on here has heard of this product good or bad please post. Cali Bamboo composite decking (post #, reply #1 of 3).

Despite sporadic problems, most composite decks have performed quite well, especially if the owner has done the basic maintenance of removing piles of wet leaves and debris, wiped up .. I don't have personal experience with Cali Bamboo products, but have used several others so I can only provide general advice.

Cali Bamboo's BamDeck composite planks are also reversible, with one side having a very fine linear texture similar to the grain of brushed metal, while the other side is deeply grooved for extra traction and visual distinction. This can be a safety feature for steps, and a fun feature for creating a different look 

Deck tiles are more durable than other structures but what exactly is becoming more durable compared to other structures. Comparisons of products as less expensive than other solid wood i found. Bamboo composite decking reviews, decking combines the pros and colors it. Whole various high quality composite diy deck 

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