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and durability. Competitively priced with other premium composite decking materials. NyloDeck IS NOT… A wood-plastic composite, a PVC product or a cap stock product. Just another decking product; NyloDeck represents an entirely new class of decking materials. Going to swell, warp, rot or be eaten by termites.

In other words, the wood will move, but only in one direction (contracting instead of further expanding). Across the Midwest, South, and East coast the decking is swollen with high humidity. All of those wood fibers are like a bundle of straws, and they have sucked up the moisture that is in the air, expanding 

Thinking of replacing your wood deck with rot-resistant composite decking material? Composite decking is a great choice vs. wood for a variety of reasons. No material is. Though many of these products carry 25- to 50-year warranties that protect against things like rotting, splitting, peeling, and insect 

This is due to an improper amount of bounding agent and antioxidant added to the composite material. Ultimately, the wood fiber absorbs moisture with UV together which causes the composite decking to decay, crumble, deteriorate, and rot. non-capped crumbling. First generation composite decking is not scratch resistant 

When it dries, the wood will shrink. These cycles will eventually cause wood decking to warp and crack. This is even true of cedar decking and redwood decking as it ages. Composite decking such as decking and PVC such as decking doesn't absorb moisture, so swelling and shrinking are not 

Reasons to choose non slip timer decking over traditional decking, composite decking and retro fit anti slip strips. into the grooves meaning no water can get in between the board and the inserts, as a pose to retro fitted inserts where water can make contact with the board and cause it to swell and pop the inserts out.

It has no wood or organic fibers and is not susceptible to moisture that can cause staining, swelling, warping or splintering. As Tandeck is a non-porous product, mold cannot absorb below the surface. Available in four standard earth tone colors with an enhanced wood grain texture. Tandeck offers a 50 year warranty.

decking will not shrink or swell due to moisture, but changes in temperature may cause slight swelling. However, if you allow gaps between the boards from side-to-side and at the end joints this will allow for thermal expansion and contraction. You can paint or stain composite decking, but you don't need to do it for 

First Generation Composites (not capped): The very first generation of composite decking actually had no capping material surrounding the decking boards, which proved to be problematic. The board's interior (wood fiber and plastic) was exposed to the elements, causing fading, discoloration, swelling, 

And while composites do offer more durability than treated lumber, they so still contain natural fiber and therefore as still susceptible to problems, like swelling, cupping and mold growth. One final cautionary tale of composite decking is that the PVC coating most are wrapped in, to improve performance, can 

The HardieDeck system - The New Breed in Decking. A fibre cement decking solution that does not rot, crack, warp, is resistant to termites and fire. Attractive, and Over time the timber is susceptible to splintering and warping in the sun, rotting and swelling due to moisture and even being eaten by termites. HardieDeck 

Dimensional Stability, Moisture Proof, Will Not Splinter, Crack, Swell, Deteriorate or Rot. bullet, Mixture of High Density and Low Density Reclaimed Plastics and Wood Fiber Greatly Reduces Thermal Contraction and Expansion. bullet, Not Subject to Rot, Termites, or Deterioration. bullet, Resistant to Splinters, Cracks, 

But wood will only shrink and swell below its fiber saturation point, which is around 28% moisture content (MC). Wood shrinks Seldom do we buy “green” fully swollen lumber. We pay Not all siding, decking and trim made from cedar, redwood or other species famous for durability are in fact rot resistant.

Yes, we recommend purchasing all required decking material at once, because manufacturing runs can produce slightly different colours. Like most composites, individual Veranda deck boards will vary in colour, due to natural variations in wood fibers and polymers. Our warranty does not cover colour variation; therefore, 

Composite Decking has a sustainability advantage that most other manufacturers do not: more than 95% recycled content. While many Whether from rain, snow or humidity moisture absorption in decking can cause problems like swelling, cupping, splitting, and fastener shearing. On top of that, UV 

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