install laminate flooring at an exterior door threshold

Place a piece of threshold trim, available at the flooring supplier, next to patio doors or similar thresholds where you need to stop the laminate flooring. Measure the lip of the threshold's trim and leave enough clearance between the door and the flooring to install the threshold. Trim with a 1 8-inch gap after the flooring has 

Threshold - This molding is used at exterior doorways as a transition between flooring and the doorway threshold. It can also be used to transition a wood floor to different floor types to make them fit together perfectly, such as a high pile carpeting or tile. Another typical use for a threshold is to conceal the expansion space 

Whether your hardwood, tile or vinyl floor is worn beyond repair or it's just time for a change, one of the advantages of replacing it with laminate is that you don't need to remove it. Laminate flooring floats, which means it isn't attached to the subfloor, and any flat, level surface can serve as a subfloor. If the floor ends in a 

For me, however, there was no way I could rightly butt carpet up to an exterior door. I was going to start by installing a tiled landing here. The underlayment down, and with the landing going in, I had to raise the threshold on that exterior door. In this, you find the biggest consideration that must be made when flooring in 

At door openings you should use a matching threshold strip to cover expansion gaps and neatly finish the flooring. In situations where the floor is longer or wider than 8 metres, perhaps where a living room and dining room are open plan, you should leave an intermediate 10mm expansion gap at a suitable location, and 

A door threshold with vinyl bulb is one of the more effective ways to insulate an outside door. The experts explain how to install one in your home.

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