anti-static spray for outside decks

Experts suggest cleaning decks twice a year. Let's take a look at various types of cleaners and washes that can help you tackle the job.

Brought this into work, sometimes there is no static at home but once I step into the office I get instant cling. This product quickly takes care of that and is well worth the price to not have to deal with a clingy shirt all day. I also used it at home to spray down my dog's beds that were zapping them like crazy when they lay on 

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Humid air is a conductor, so it helps dissipate static. Dry skin carries more static electricity. Use hand lotion to moisturize your skin. The soles of your shoes may be insulators. Try shoes with different soles, or see whether going barefoot (if possible) makes a difference. Spray your carpet with an anti-static 

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Spray or mop the entire surface of the deck. Allow to air dry. Do not attempt to wipe the surface dry as wiping will reduce the effectiveness of the anti-static coating.

I have a new outdoor deck which is constructed of plastic composite planks. The deck is on the You may be able to find an anti static liquid to the composite planks to reduce ore eliminate that. I have Most of the sprays that would help to dissipate the buildup would be washed away in a rainstorm.

Anti Static Spray - Reduce Static Elecricity On Clothes: Hemline anti-static spray Pump action spray reduces static electricity build-up in fabrics, clothing, under garments, furnishings etc which causes clinging, shocks, sparking etc 50ml Pump Spray: Kitchen & Home.

Top tips on cleaning your static caravan or lodge For the inside. Dusters and cloths Polish Bathroom and kitchen cleaner Anti-bacterial spray Window cleaner or white vinegar Lemon juice A ruler Thoroughly sweep and wash down any decking areas and check external sheds are all in tact.

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