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Although this is the general rule, there have been successful installations of solid wood flooring installed over dry, concrete slabs. This entails several additional steps. A plastic barrier is set over the slab and taped at all seams. Then some sort of moisture-resistant wood subfloor (marine plywood) is built on top of the plastic 

Solid Floor faq (frequently asked questions) about bespoke natural flooring surfaces for every room timber, carpets and rugs.

If you plan to fit a new solid wood or engineered wood floor, it's essential, before you lay the floor to find out if you need to lay a damp proof membrane The Calcium Chloride Test and The Plastic Film Test), the most reliable results are likely to be achieved using an approved, hand-held moisture meter.

Sticky backed underlay. A sticky backed underlay can be used with both solid wood flooring and engineered wood flooring. The underlay is laid onto the subfloor, and then the plastic backing is gradually removed, to reveal a sticky layer, as the floor is being laid. The flooring planks are stuck securely down 

Wood has beauty, plasticity, strength is a great material. It is enough to The man understood and used it by the first steps on Earth to meet his basic needs of: wood-built home, made tools, lit fire, worshiped their gods, artistically expressed. The wood Solid, semi-solid or even as inspiration in laminate floors or vinyl.

Underlay comes in various different formats, with the most common being 2mm-4mm foam. Its main job is to deaden the sound of the wood on the concrete. Cut to length with a utility knife or scissors but unlike the plastic, don't overlap. Self-adhesive underlays are available that stick to the underside of the wooden floor and 

There are few touches that can add to your home in quite the same way as laying a solid wood floor can. Along with But, how do you go about laying your solid wood floor once you've made the decision to invest in a certain finish? Here Lastly, if you're opting to use plastic spacers, place these against the longest wall.

MATERIALS. Machined from the highest grade timber and combined with strong yet flexible uPVC. The Woodline range of accessories provides aesthetic pleasure and unrivalled durability. SOLID HARDWOOD TIMBER; uPVC PLASTIC 

Give a room a new look by laying real or solid wood flooring by following our how to guide. No fixings or adhesives are used when laying most real and solid wood floors as they are laid 'floating'. By following this . The DPM is simply a plastic sheet that is rolled out and cut to fit around the edge of the room. To save time 

Homes built on concrete slabs are good candidates for solid wood flooring, provided that the slab does not wick up too much moisture. Humid conditions, such as those wood floor. Sheets of 6-mil thick polyethylene plastic, overlapped with seams taped, is one means of providing that moisture barrier. For a second option, 

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