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When replacing the flooring in our house, we found rotten spots and bubbles in the particle board subfloor. How do we repair the damage before the new flooring goes down? -Lisa. Hi Lisa,. Particle board is easily damaged by moisture and water, making it a poor choice for subflooring. Unfortunately, that hasn't stopped it 

Instead, each deck board has a 3 16-inch channel along both edges in which to install hidden metal fasteners. Timbertech's ConceaLoc fastener system uses two-sided metal hangers that operate similarly to wood biscuits. However, instead of using glue, a decking screw is driven through the center of the 

Hardwood: CONS Hardwood flooring is made of harvested trees; pricing depends on how exotic the trees are. In general, hardwood is considerably higher to buy and to install. Laminate: PROS Laminate wood flooring is made from composite wood pressed together at high temperatures. The image of 

When a board sustains damage in the middle of a laminate floor, you have two options for replacing it. One is to disassemble the floor down to the damaged board, replace the board and reassemble the It's a job that requires carpentry skills, but it isn't as difficult as replacing a board on a hardwood floor. You'll get good 

When installing new resilient tile such as EXCELON VCT and Standard EXCELON VCT, Armstrong Flooring allows the use of S-89, S-515, S-700 and S-750 Resilient Tile Adhesives over old adhesive residue as long as Can Armstrong floors be installed directly over strip wood, board or plank-type subflooring?

In most cases gaps from board shrinkage is usually indicative of an indoor humidity imbalance. All wood During installation, use reasonable board selectivity and good judgment. From a The manufacturer is not responsible for costs associated with repairing or replacing flooring installed with clear visible defects.

But if the damage is severe, you have to replace the plank (you did save a few from the installation, right?). It's a job you can do yourself in about two hours. In addition to a spare plank, you'll need a circular saw, hammer and chisel, router or table saw, drill and wood glue. Some flooring experts recommend removing the 

Water damage is often the culprit with wood or composite sub-floors. Before the buckling can be fixed, the sub-floor must be repaired. A licensed contractor can identify the cause of the damage and repair it. Once this is completed, homeowners may find that the buckling stops on its own. If not, the contractor can replace 

How to Replace Tongue and Groove Boards in Hardwood Flooring. The interlocking design of tongue-and-groove boards means that it is necessary to cut through the board joints to release them from their position. A circular saw is ideal for this purpose. Pinterest · Facebook · Twitter · Email 

The most other common subfloors are made of plywood (laid on a wooden floor), hardboard (also laid on wood) and self-levelling compound, overlaid to smooth and level a concrete subfloor. When sure that no services are below the boards, drill a pilot hole on one side of the loose board, through into the joist below. 3.

Engineered Wood Flooring, Laminate Flooring. It Is: Engineered wood flooring is made of plywood with a veneer of fine hardwood on top. Laminate flooring is made of thin, pressed wood board with an image of wood on top covered by a clear "wear layer" to protect the image. Real Wood or Not, Debatable.

Before installing a floating engineered hardwood floor, follow the same preparation steps mentioned above, including underlayment and laying out spacers to maintain the expansion gap specified by Measure from board (not tongue) to wall and subtract the expansion gap to know the correct cut for the last row of boards.

While it is possible to pick up a seriously cheap laminate floor, it is not the case across the board that laminate flooring is cheaper than engineered. What's more, when you take into laminate flooring, savings made at the start soon disappear as time goes by and floors need to be replaced. It's also worth 

No adhesive is used when installing a "click" floor, making board replacement easier. This system not only exists for engineered wood floors but also engineered bamboo and a small number of solid floors (such as "parador solido click") and is designed to be used for floating installations. It is beneficial for the Do-It-Yourself 

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