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Installing a vinyl membrane offers a quick solution to creating a dry, first-level deck. Why does vinyl decking offer an advantage over more traditional surfaces? Tuff Industries will help you discover why using a PVC vinyl surface offers the best choice for having a great deck above, and a dry space below.

Our large selection of PVC deck surface products, accessories and tools offers you everything you need to waterproof your deck. Membranes. Dec-Tec CoolStep Line. Dec-Tec Natural Line. Dec-Tec Classic Line. The colors you see on the screen may not be an accurate representation of the actual product.

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) roof membranes have the longest track record of any thermoplastic membrane. - 1960s - Vinyl membranes for roof applications were first developed in Germany and. Switzerland. -1970s - Introduced to North America (many installed over 30 years ago are still performing today). PVC roofs are 

The perimeters of open decks are usually trimmed with flashing to deflect water off facias and into gutters. You will need deck clips to finish off the exposed edge of metal flashing and to prevent the vinyl membrane from curling, whereas the vinyl membrane is welded directly to the PVC flashing when using 3-Ply 

Duradek is the only deck vinyl company to date offering a written, three-tiered vinyl deck warranty covering performance, appearance and workmanship.

Cleaning Your Vinyl Deck. Keeping your plastic deck covering looking great is easy. For optimal upkeep, we recommend cleaning your PVC deck membrane twice a year using a multipurpose cleaner. To remove stubborn spots on your waterproof deck, turn to specialty deck cleaners to do the job. Avoid using chlorine 

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