exterior deck floor lumber sizes

is an exotic hardwood that is naturally resistant to rot and decay, is the third hardest decking we sell, and offers a 30 year lifespan without preservatives! You can view more lumber profiles under each decking size below. .. Advantage Decking Can Be Used For a Variety of Outdoor Projects!

Quite often, 'thinking outside of the box' can produce some stunning results and save you money in the process. With a long narrow deck for example, you can use short boards and run them across the width of the deck to give an illusion of reducing the length and increasing the width. Another alternative is 

Sorting the decking by length—full-length, 3 4-length, 1 2-length, and step boards (which need to be long enough for the treads)—makes it easy to determine When installing tongue-and-groove or shiplap porch flooring, for example, I apply an exterior wood adhesive to the floor joists before fastening the 

See Rot-Resistant Deck Lumber & Flooring for a discussion of lumber and flooring alternatives to preservative-treated wood. means a substitute for a proper table of spans and sizes of framing lumber, home inspectors often use a quick and dirty "rule of thumb" to guess whether or not deck floor framing has been obviously 

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