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Shallowing floor extend the functionality of a public pool and allows to organize additional courses like aqua areobic. Material. The shallowing platform is made of glass reinforced plastic laminate resistant to corrosion occurring in the environment of pool water. Due to an openwork structure on walls and bottom of water, 

Water Resistant Precision Scale. Shinko Denshi HJK Series Weighing capacity, 620g to 300kg. Weighing graduation, 0.001g to 1g. Pan size, 140mm dia to 800mm x 600mm View PDF >. Bench Floor Platform Scale Mobile. VMC VC-200 Series 

Our product range is designed and manufactured to meet the needs of a variety of buildings and uses to raised flooring specifications PSA PF2 PS & BS EN 12825.

ProWarm floating floor panels (1200mm x 1200mm x 25mm) are ideal for installations where a finished floor is required within a minimum time scale. No wet trades are needed, making it a very fast system to install and means no waiting time Videos. Installing ProWarm water heating system using floating floor panels 

Bubbling Water - LED Floor Panel, Bubble Tubes, Illuminated bubbles rise slowly inside vertical chambers of optically clear acrylic, promoting relaxation. Interchangeable neon-fluorescent color strips highlight a prism spectrum of color throughout each chamber. Panels ship complete with pump and lighting. SIZE: 26 1 2 W 

Subflooring provides a base for finish flooring and also serves as a platform during construction. It may be made of boards laid either at right angles or diagonally across joists. Or the subfloor may be made of plywood or other panel products that are laid perpendicular to the joists. A plywood subfloor has 

SECTION 501. GENERAL. 501.1 Scope. The provisions of this chapter shall govern the materials, design and installation of water heaters and the related safety devices and appurtenances. 501.2 Water heater as space heater. Where a combination potable water heating and space heating system requires water for space 

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A selection of underfloor heating boards from two leading manufacturers Polypipe and Speedfit suitable for wet underfloor heating.

Water heaters having an ignition source shall be elevated such that the source of ignition is not less than 18 inches (457 mm) above the garage floor. a pipe extension or replace the down pipe so it isn't too high above the drain pan (which could cause scalding if you have an over-pressure situation) 3.

The system is a composite tongue and groove floating flooring system consisting of an 8mm layer of LRAC foam bonded with a high performance water based adhesive to 8mm moisture resistant MDF, with a 9mm calcium silicate wearing layer. Monarfloor Tri-Board may be used over 18mm chipboard, OSB board, or a 

DIY Host Amy Matthews shows how to pour a concrete base for a shower on DIYNetwork.com.

This type of floor consists of a gridded metal framework or substructure of adjustable-height supports (called "pedestals") that provide support for removable (liftable) floor panels, which are usually 2×2 feet or 60×60 cm. The height of the legs pedestals is dictated by the volume of cables and other services provided beneath, 

Consideration should be taken regarding use of the raised floor as a working platform during construction, pedestrian traffic in escape routes, main thoroughfares etc. & how furniture filing cabinets and other heavy equipment etc. will be taken into the building (across the floor) especially if the lower classification is being 

Bubbling Water Panel, Bubble Tubes, Intrigue your visual perception with the flowing, ever-changing colors of this wall-mounted water panel. Increase your tracking skills as you watch its bubbles rise to the surface. Become entranced as the panel's 3-LED lights transition colors from blue to green, purple, 

The inspector routinely cites water heaters that are installed without a drain pan, especially when the water heater is on a raised platform in a garage. He says a pan will prevent A “furred space” is a wall, ceiling, or floor surface that has been extended with additional construction material. An example of a 

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