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Why not be able to step out onto the balcony deck of your bedroom and stretch and yawn, and greet the day barefoot and in your bathrobe if you like? and only take a couple of months to build. I had a 24-foot wall The 90 sq.ft. deck itself would be plenty of room for a little table, some chairs, and a portable BBQ. It was a 

How to build a balcony out of decking materials is explained in brief with the comments and procedures below. As I understand it, if the raised deck had simply been a free standing deck - not abutting the house nor giving access to or egress from the house, then the Building Controls Department would have no interest 

Learning how to build a balcony for your home is a great way to add both style and class to your exterior. Balconies can give you a completely different perspective on the area you live in and provide great outdoor views for visitors as well. There are numerous considerations to keep in mind when building a balcony.

There are two possible ways of supporting the two corners of the balcony adjacent to the building: You can install a conventional deck ledger that is attached to the building, or you can support the corners on posts that bear on footings, like a freestanding deck. When it comes to the two corners of the 

Mix 44 60-pound bags of ready-mix concrete in a portable power mixer. Install and align anchors for 6 x 6-inch posts after the concrete has cured for 48 hours. Estimated time (not including curing time): 14-16 hours. 3. Plumb and brace posts. Plumb brace posts - Build Raised Deck. Plumb and temporarily brace the 6 x 

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A freestanding deck, built on posts so that a 1-inch gap separates it from the house, allows water to drain with no damage to the house. However, the posts need cross-bracing to keep the deck from wobbling. The bracing gets in the way if the deck extends above a walk-out basement. "But this would be our recommendation 

As the word implies, a freestanding deck is sometimes referred to as a floating deck and is not attached to any permanent structure. Whether you are building th.

A canopy patio awning is permanently installed, but the fabric is removable. A canopy patio awning is a fabric-roofed structures supported by a freestanding, rigid frame that's bolted to your deck. The frame becomes a permanent part of your deck, and you can either leave the fabric up year-round or remove it seasonally.

Some freestanding decks stand alone in the yard, but many are right next to a house. What makes a deck truly freestanding is that it is self-supporting .But, why would We at Archadeck of Suburban Boston offer professional design and build services for clients west and north of Boston. Over the past 21 

Follow these steps for creating a deck for entertaining and relaxing in your own backyard. contractor, and designer need to ensure they build a safe and beautiful deck. Licensed contractor Robert Robillard of A Concord Carpenter has many years of experience building decks, stairs, and balconies on a variety of homes.

These Timber Balconies are Free Standing structures. This design enables you to avoid many of the issues associated with fitting traditional balcony structures such as cutting into walls without damaging their appearance and interfering with Lintels. Each standard Balcony Kit comes with Composite Decking and Basic Post 

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