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Opinion seems to be divided on whether teak decks on a boat are good or bad. Personally I love The step-by-step photos below refer to a teak overlay on a fiberglass or wooden deck. You will see that I am cutting my strips from a large plank with the gain of the wood running from side to side. With the 

With our wood boat building project well underway, it's now time to put the 'lid' on. Here's how we built the deck and coachroof for our cedar strip hulled, wood-epoxy sailboat.

My deck is now 75 years old and is pine planks, 1 inch thick. When I bought the boat, the wood itself was in quite good condition but the screws were not, and the sikaflex no longer adhered to the planks in a number of places. The surface was just bare wood. Overall, it looked ok: I think the comment about 

Some people might remember a product named Arobol, later to become Thorpes Easy Deck. Arobol was originally used to adhere a lagging around pipes, and was found to work great for gluing canvas or fibreglass to wooden decks as well. I remember using Arobol for gluing a sheathing onto decks, and found it had little 

The argument for Wooden boats by Adrian Morgan. 1. Wooden boats will always look the part. Varnished plywood grain pattern looks weird; better to paint over Bending Wood without Steam · Classic Boat - March 14, 2011. 1. By RICHARD TOYNE In the late 1980s, when I was working on a yacht restoration at Mylor Yacht 

It is a slightly better solution because the glass can sustain tensile loads (if it is thick enough which causes problems with expense and weight) and the old polyester resin doesn't stick to wood very well see … Epoxy or polyester resin for wooden boats. With a properly installed ply deck it is all one 

Watch the professionals in action as they lay a traditional wooden deck on this replica Bristol Cutter. Check out for more

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