canadian deck square ft pricing

This is not exactly a typical deck as it has 2 elevations and the boards are place diagonal. The person who said $25.00 a square foot seems to be on the mark for a fair price. Cedar is typically 25 % more expensive. If you decide on the diagonal top board installation, you need to insist on framing at 12 

A list of frequently asked questions about Hickory Dickory Decks low maintenance decking products and our company. Usually September to November. You might get it at the current year's prices which could mean a 10% savings compared to the spring of the following year. Dundas, Ontario, Canada L9H 7L6.

Build the Deck That's Right for You. Decks and fences add additional living space, beautify your yard and add value to your home. But before you go shopping for the materials to build your deck or fence, there are four things that need to be considered: price, aesthetic, lifestyle and maintenance. Shop All Decking Materials 

NOTE: This calculator is specific to square or rectangle decks and is meant only as a guide. Cantstrip and Flashings are dependent on where the building is Mail your quote: Ducan Products Inc. 1910 Broadway St. Port Coqutilam, BC V3C 2N1 Approximate cost per square foot retail cost: including vinyl, adhesive and 

I just paid $24 a square foot for a 10x15 pressure treated deck. I am not sure what it costs elsewhere but here in Ottawa, Ontario. Pretty basic with.

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