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Protect and beautify with BEHR PREMIUM Solid Color Waterproofing Wood Stain & Sealer. Available in over This 100% acrylic formula seals out the elements, and the sun's harmful UV rays, for up to 10 yrs. on decks and up to 25 yrs. on fences and siding. It's available in Still looks great after 6 years! By Bluenoser 

Referred to variously as sealers, coatings, protectors, and stains, finishes penetrate the wood's surface to slow down its ability to absorb moisture, prolonging the life of the decking and maintaining its appearance. The choices are many. Solid stains, with distinct, grain-hiding colors, look more like a layer of 

There's solid and semi-transparent stains depending on how much you would like to see the wood grain. If the proper prep work Be sure to look for exterior deck patio paint. Keep in mind, however, that paint can flake. So this might require more maintenance than a stain. dust on deck (Freeimages.com P 

Accent and enhance wood's natural patterns while providing increased protection from the elements with BEHR's Semi-Transparent Waterproofing Wood Stain. to three years on decks and up to five years on fences and siding, and is available in 60 custom colors to help you create a look that's as beautiful as it is durable.

A guide to the cleaners, finishes, and techniques for making your deck look new again. Moisture swells the wood while the burning rays from the sun dry and shrink it, causing cracks and checks while also encouraging warping. Ultraviolet rays also discolor wood and Some products waterproof only. For maximum 

BEHR PREMIUM Transparent Waterproofing Wood Finish. Give wood the ultimate in protection with BEHR PREMIUM Transparent Weatherproofing All-In-One Wood Finish. This 100% acrylic formula seals out the elements and the sun's harmful UV rays, for up to 4 yrs. on decks and up to 6 yrs.on fences and siding.

Watch this video for tips on how long you need to wait before sealing or staining a new wood deck. Whether you choose a clear sealer or a semi-transparent stain, look for one with a long warranty and UV stabilizers. Then apply according to the manufacturer's instructions, and you'll be giving your new deck the best 

Even if you spray or roll your deck, while the stain is still wet, always work the material in to the wood by brushing. For a tip on .. color you like. We have samples available here if you want to see what the colors will look like on your deck. .. Anyway, this time I purchased Behr Solid color waterproofing wood stain. Tested 

Wood brighteners are easy to apply. They open up the surface of the wood to improve penetration, neutralize any stain strippers that were used, and restore the appearance of old, weathered wood to look like new again. That's a lot for one product to accomplish, but brighteners will do all of that, so don't skip using them.

While they give wood a natural look, they take more work to apply as they need to be rubbed into the wood over several applications. Regular treatments are needed every 6 months to a year. Varnish Varnish provides excellent waterproofing. After all, they use it on the decks of boats, don't they? You might be tempted to 

Consider waterproofing any wood that is regularly exposed to the weather like a back patio or porch furniture. It is also common to For larger projects like a patio deck, consider using an exterior stain and deck sealant. Oil is good for smaller Scrape with the sandpaper or file until the wood looks even. Finish by sanding 

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