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Initial reports from the Grenfell fire suggest the gap between the cladding and the external walls of the building acted as a chimney, funnelling flames up the side of the building. “[A fire] doesn't travel up concrete, does it, so it's got to have travelled up something and the cladding was there so prima facie the 

The exterior wall around the window was covered with glass reinforced polyester plastic sheet. This gave a picture The cladding on the outside of the building was suspected of contributing to the fire's severity, and concerns were raised that housing blocks around the country could be at risk. … At Garnock Court, the 

Typically made from wood, metal, plastic, masonry or a range of materials, it is applied to prevent condensation and allow water vapour to escape. It's added to buildings that don't already have external surfaces such as masonry walls. Rainscreen cladding is a double-wall construction that makes use of a 

New plastic rain-proof cladding was installed at Grenfell Tower in White City, London, in May 2016 as part of a £10million refurbishment - but 'went up like a She claimed new cladding fitted to the outside of the building last year caused the blaze to rip through the block because substandard and cheap 

Ask Vlad the Clad, Cladding Guru, plastics pioneer, white wall wizard. I want to clad the outside of a small wooden trailer(teardrop caravan) , would your products be suitable?, if so which one? would the PVC sheet bend round a 12 inch radius?, and how I am after PVC tile paneling for a shower block on my campsite?

PVC Cladding is a popular, versatile and maintenance free option for covering external elevations. It comes in a variety of colours and can PVC Cladding can be installed over walling made up of any number of different materials including traditional brickwork, block and timber frames. Our PVC Cladding is manufactured 

Following the fire that devastated Grenfell Tower in west London this week, leaving at least 17 dead and many more injured, questions have arisen over the cladding that was fitted to the exterior of the tower block in 2015.

Proprietary exterior wall cladding sold during the 1970s was made from tempered hardboard that was formed into planks. Initial installations of the product, if well maintained, may remain in reasonably good condition. Unfortunately, later installations of the product were not durable as it absorbed moisture and deteriorated, 

Plastic coated metal sheeting is now one of the most common forms of external cladding on industrial, commercial and leisure buildings. In general, the plastic 3M Scotchkote External Wall Protection Systems provide solutions to combat the continual attack on our buildings and structures from the weather, the 

German construction companies have been banned from using plastic-filled cladding, such as Reynobond PE, on towers more than 22 metres high since the 1980s In the UK there are no regulations requiring the use of fire-retardant material in cladding used on the exterior of tower blocks and schools.

Cavity brick or concrete block veneer (13). hairline cracking in stucco · Stucco wall cladding (12). EIFS2. Exterior insulation and finish systems (EIFS) (11). crack in concrete wall · Solid concrete wall (9). pvc fading. Plastic (uPVC) wall cladding (9) 

Ray and Belinda Bailey were director and secretary of Harley Curtain Wall, which went bust in 2015 owing creditors £1 million, it has been reported. Local authorities turned to cladding the outside of old council house stock, including tower blocks, in a bid to improve the buildings' appearance and the 

External cladding is a versatile method of weather proofing the walls of a building while providing a simple way to enhance its look. Cladding panels are made. an external skin that serves as a decorative finish too. Cladding will work whether the wall finish is traditional brickwork, block or timber framing.

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