high quality wood composites fence

Weatherproof and no need for staining or painting, composite fencing is the ideal way to build for the future. Simply We stock four unique colours; available in solid or woodgrain including: Wood Our high strength, weatherproof construction of Composite Wood means the fencing you install will last a long time. This is 

HDPE is a highly recyclable product, the same challenges that apply to wood flour also apply here, but plastics' quality can be managed to ensure quality. During recycling some of the original specific properties are lost due to processing, ageing and recycling operations. To maintain a high-quality wood plastic composite 

WyoComp offers the market the lowest priced, highest quality composite fencing system. Please reference PrairieFence Composite Fencing $19.65 per linear foot $117.90 per six foot section. Composite fit) and fence rails. Made from recycled HDPE (plastic) and reinforced with either wood or agricultural fibers.

Our posts are 4 times thicker than vinyl posts, which means they don't need to be sleeved over metal or wood fence posts for added strength. And we have solid fence .. products' high-quality engineering and material ensure a durable finish that you'll admire for years to come. If you haven't figured it 

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