attaching a railing post to concretes

4. Layout railing installation to determine post locations. 1. Determine Post Locations. For Concrete Applications: Raise bottom insert temporarily to allow room to fasten steel post to concrete. 2. Prepare to Attach. 3 Mark holes through the bottom plate of steel post onto concrete surface remove steel post and drill 3 8” hole.

The Secure-Mount Post and Deck Mounting Kit provide a solution for installing railing posts directly onto a deck or porch surface, without the use of a 4x4 treated post. The Secure-Mount Post is designed for use on decks and concrete surfaces. Secure Mount Post. Includes 2 Leveling Shims for deck or concrete applications.

Fascia mounting is a way of mounting the railing to the side of the porch, while surface mounting is installing the railing posts directly to the surface of your porch. In some cases, it might be possible to do a surface mount on a concrete porch, especially if you're working with hardware specifically designed 

I use 2x stock for hanger boards, and whenever possible I attach the hanger boards to the tails of the deck posts to add strength to the railing and help support the hanger …and then I drill pilot holes with a hammer drill into the concrete for Tapcon screws, which secure the bottom board to the concrete.

E-Z Set Bracketed Post Support Kit for Concrete. Vinyl posts alone do not provide adequate fastener retention. The. E-Z Set kit provides easy-bracketed system installation on concrete surfaces. This post support is designed to install with all CertainTeed bracketed vinyl railing systems and is compatible with CertainTeed's.

Tips and techniques for setting a newel post in an existing concrete slab floor. August 7, 2006.

using either a Deck Mounting Hardware Kit or a Concrete Mounting. Hardware Kit, each available separately. Each Newel Post Mount comes complete with spacers and shims and rail mounting screws, specifically designed to work with the INTEX 5” standard newel cover. They may also be used with larger newel covers, 

As one deck builder recently told me, installing the bottom newel posts on a set of porch or deck stairs is a real PITA. Simpson Strong-Tie products) can be used to mount stair posts to concrete piers or a slab so that they are above grade, and to reinforce the connection between the posts and the stringers.

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