use composite decking for a garden

The latest generation decking has a protective cap which preserves the beautiful looks of the boards. My goal was to use materials which were chemical free so I could grow organic vegetables. Having the planter up high on a wall eliminates the need to bend over when gardening which makes it great for 

You should end up with sections that are just 1 8″ under 4 feet. DIY composite raised garden. Attach the bottom boards (3 cut board sections and 2 uncut boards) to the cedar posts, making sure that the short end boards are placed to the inside of the longer 8′ boards. If using the wire mesh (use this if you 

Raised gardening is popular today, But unless you build low maintenance raised garden beds you could be in store for a lot of repair work in the future.

First, level the ground where your garden bed will soon be. Then, dig 12″ holes to put your posts in. Bury and secure the posts. Next, build the sides of the garden beds using your materials of choice we used 8 pieces of composite decking. Attach the garden bed sides to the posts with two 6-inch screws at 

Hey Mr. Green, I belong to the Cool Cities group Cool Joliet. We have a controversy over raised beds in a community garden. Should we use cedar wood or composite lumber for the beds? Composite timbers are a blend of

And there's lots of design choices so you can use your garden room however you want to. Composite Wood Composite Wood garden rooms can be ordered complete with lighting, heating and electrics so you can use it any time of day, any time of year. Wood grain decking in Wild Brown from Composite Wood. Wild

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