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Spray deck with water first before applying wash recipe, this helps prepare the surface so the cleaner can work its magic. For water temperature, use quite warm but not so hot that you can't rest your hand in it. Rinse surface well with clear water when removing cleaner. Remove the solution before it dries (or 

The DIY'er deck cleaner you thought you were has mutated into a DYI wood engraver. The words 'No Problem' echo in your mind and Whether you deck is wood or composite, periodic cleaning is a requirement if you want your deck to retain the beauty it had on day one. Periodic cleaning is preventative maintenance.

While too harsh for regular cleaning, this recipe gives your deck a good scrub down once or twice a year.You will need: Water; Bleach; Liquid Dish Detergent. Add 1 2 gallon of bleach to two gallons of water. Pour in 1 4 cup of dish detergent and mix well until it suds. Use a broom or another large brush and cover entire deck 

I use a solution of dawn( 2 Tablespoons ) dishsoap, 2 cups white vinegar, 4 cups of hot water put it on and Lightly scrub the green algae comes right off. Spray down with the hose after. looks great. I have tried "deck cleaners" but for algae this really works. Wet and Forget, I haven't tried, it sounds good though if it works on 

Or, why not make your own composite decking cleaner;. Bonnie Grant from Hunker says it is easy to make a homemade and effective solution to clean away mould, mildew and general dirt from your decking area. She suggests “Mixing 1 gallon of warm water with 1-1 2 cups of trisodium phosphate and 8 

This DIY deck cleaner works really well and it is not toxic for plants, pets or kids. Deck makeover: Introducing Rust-O-Leum Deck and Concrete Restore, a durable coating that's formulated to resurface most exterior wooden and composite deck surfaces. It's even great for . It goes on as a liquid and dries into a powder.

You can even start with a mild solution of one cup TSP, two gallons of warm water, and a small amount of bleach. You can make it stronger (not more than what is mentioned in the recipe) if this solution is not found to be effective. If you are not in favor of using TSP or bleach, then try other homemade deck cleaner recipes 

Use Corte-Clean and these simple steps to do a DIY composite deck cleaning that'll make your deck look brand new! Corte-Clean comes as a powder, and we'll be mixing it with water to make a solution to spray on the dry deck. Dispense the powder into a pump sprayer: It's basically a big bottle with a 

Manufacturers will recommend specific cleaning solution to use for their timber or composite decking products. It is important to follow this advice as other products may cause damage to the deck's surface. If you are unsure which cleaning product to use, contact your timber merchant. If you do not have any 

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