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Our past tests showed that some synthetic decking didn't make the grade for rigidity, and some tonier wood products look worse for wear. Here are some more decking features and considerations: Synthetics Resist Sun and Spills All of the composite, plastic, and aluminum decking we tested kept its original 

A number of first-generation composite decking products had performance problems, particularly mold growth, because of their cellulose content. Decking made from cellular polyvinyl chloride addresses that problem by eliminating cellulose from the mix, but is more expensive to make. Manufacturers have 

Find the best deck ratings with our comparison chart. Compare other composite decking brands to and see how they stack up. trademark of CPG Build Building Products LLC EverGrain is a registered trademark of Epoch Composite Products is a registered trademark Fiber Composites, LLC 

Thanks for the review testimonial of Corte Clean! Weathering is definitely the 2nd biggest complaint in the Composite decking industry, right after cleaning issues. Generally, the optional filtration device, offered by some pump sprayer manufacturers, which is designed for powdered cleaning products, like Corte Clean is 

More and more homeowners are opting for composite materials when replacing a deck or building it from scratch. Composites contain a blend of ground-up wood, plastic, ultraviolet inhibitors and borate preservatives. These materials allow for reduced maintenance, minimal fading and longer life, with most 

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