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Another advantage of the stitch and glue method is that it allows plywood, which is relatively easy to come by, to be substituted for high quality lumber which was used in the past and which is much more expensive and hard to obtain. Plywood is graded and Marine grades of plywood are uniform in quality and highly 

Grades A-C are the most common. To be suitable for marine construction, panels must be made with waterproof glue and marked as exterior plywood (EXT) or marine plywood. As a general rule for boat projects, use marine-grade plywood because the wood used to make it is of higher quality with smaller 

If you are going to build a seaworthy boat, or a boat that must meet survey standards, use of a certified marine ply is essential. In the Australian New Zealand Standards system for veneers and bonds marine plywood has a grading of AA - A bond and should have the 'PAA Tested marine' stamp 

Lauan Plywood. Is Okoume Marine Plywood Really Any Better? By John C. Harris December 2011. Anyone who's built a small, simple boat in the last thirty years has given at least passing thought to using lauan plywood from the home center. As a teenaged boatbuilder, even $15 sheet could bust my boatbuilding budget, 

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A: There are two plywood adhesives . . . interior (which doesn't stand up to frequent wetting) and exterior (which isn't affected by long-term wetting and would be called waterproof). Marine grade uses exterior adhesive. Incidentally, this is the same adhesive as used in the inexpensive construction CD-X 

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A: Some feel ONLY Marine plywood should be used for hull planking. But I think this is too rigid a rule. The important quality separating Marine grade from Exterior panels is the quality and soundness of the inner plies and their construction (both are made with waterproof glues as noted above). With the Marine panel, there 

Im currently fairing my pirogue, but its getting pretty close to done. I'm just curious what I could use to waterproof the plywood with, both above and

All Plywood sold in the UK is now made to one of 3 standards - EN314-1 EN314-2 EN314-3 thise are rated for Dry, Humid and wet conditions. EN314-3 is what is normally sold as exterior quality ply and the glue used is water proof. Marine ply is high quality water proof ply with a guarantee that there are no 

I took a scrap of B-C marine grade plywood (that's what the lumber yard sells as A-B grade, is actually a B-C grade specification - go figure) I applied the name brand wood sealant according to instructions on one half, and my waterproofing secret sauce on the other half. Once dried, I sprinkled water droplets on both halfs.

Marine plywood, an excellent and respected material at extensive aquatic usage. is also a most controlled timber product tor boats up to 20 metres. both racing and pleasure. In addition. it has received Wide acceptance in commemial and naval vessels. This Ieallet is a guide to properties, applications and technical 

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