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Here's an overview of different fencing types and applications. Read through for background information or to help you decide which product might be best suited for your specific needs. Equifence Coated Wire Fence. Gallagher Equifence is a safe, effective solution for permanent horse control. Equifence is UV-resistant and 

If your land is prone to damage when the ground is wet, moving these temporary horse kits around your field will save the paddock from being too badly damaged. Another important application for these electric horse fencing kits, particularly if your horse or pony suffers from laminitis, is to use them to effectively control their 

Tornado Wire's Torus horse fencing is manufactured from high tensile steel wire; it provides the ideal balance of safety and security and the specifications available can cater for horses of all sizes. We recommend a double fence in situations where horses are present on both sides 

Permanent Horse 3-Wire Hi-Tensile Fence Specs:​. # of Wires: 3. Fence Height: 48". Line Post: Fiberglass Rod Post. Spacing: 50'. Bracing: H-Brace. Wire Type: Hi-Tensile. Polarity: All Hot or Hot Ground. Polarity: Medium Tension, Tight Wire, No Visible Sag (150 lbs). Applications: Boundary Fence For all horse classes 

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What are you fencing in? Based on your application, Red Brand offers a variety of spacing, heights, and gauges. You also want to consider how much animal pressure will be present. The higher the number of animals, the more stress the fence will incur. In addition, fences near the barn and feeding areas will sustain more 

Home > Applications > Horse & Foal. Fencing Solutions for Horses & Foals. Previous; Next. Hampton Steel produce a variety of steel wire horse fences, manufactured at our plant in Northamptonshire. Our Hampton NET fencing for horse and foal features smooth joints to reduce the risk of injury to horses and people.

How can we help? As farmers, horse owners and engineers, we understand your needs and can help you with the technical aspects of installation and application of your fencing system.

Applications & Usage of Electric Fences. Horses. With fast moving animals such as horses, two or three lines of highly visible tape or rope is recommended for an electric fence. For ponies the top line should be around 1m high and for horses, the top line should be around 1.4m. Every horse is different but a rough guide is 

In the UK, horse manure, while subject to certain controls, is not considered waste if all of the following apply: it is used as soil fertiliser; its use is part of . Fencing. You must provide secure and safe horse-proof fencing. If barbed wire is present, it must be separated by a secure guard fence or electric tape.

Featuring a smooth “S” knot construction, which protects skin, manes and tails from accidental cuts and snags, and a “2” by “4” vertical spacing that deters entanglement of heads and hooves, Gaucho Non-Climb Horse Fence offers durability and exceptional longevity in equine, sheep, goat and decorative applications.

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Building codes may ultimately determine fencing requirements for your land, but some general rules of thumb apply nearly everywhere. Field fences should be 54 to 60 inches above ground level. Err on the side of caution and go with a 5-feet minimum height where fences abut highways or anywhere that 

Manufactured at our factory in Northamptonshire, Hampton NET equine fencing features the smooth, animal friendly yet strong knotted joint. The versatility of Hampton NET is truly amazing; mesh sizes can be as varied as your application giving you the opportunity to influence the design of your own fence. Quickfencer 

Construction, MaxLife. Top Wire, 2.6mm MaxLife SuperTie. Fabricated Wire, S Fence 13-122-5 50m. Posts, Gal 210-9 5m BFYGal 210-9 25m. End Assembly, StayFast 100mm 50m. Stock Pressure, High 

yet ascetically pleasing option for fencing. Perfect for horses, cattle, and property lines. Steel Fencing. Heavy Duty Pipe Panel. Available in 4, 5, and 6 rail and a variety of lengths and weights. Ideal for arenas, paddocks, pastures, and a heavy duty option for perimeter fencing. Panels can be reconfigured so they are also.

The heights of fences used for other livestock do not necessarily apply to horse fences. Horses are more athletic and more likely to jump a fence than to go through or under it when spooked or herded. The minimum recommended height for perimeter pasture fences for horses is 5 feet (60 

Horses. All measurements are approximate. It is the user's responsibility to check the product is suitable for the application. We reserve the right to change speciications without notiication. Product Codes. HZST. 50 metre roll. HZST. 100 metre roll. HZST. 150 metre roll. HT13 122 8 HORSE FENCE. .

'I can say that after six months Hampton NET has proven itself robust and well able to withstand pressure from deer'. Dr. john Fletcher BVMS, Hon FRCVS, PhD, ARAgS. Hampton NET Fencing applications include . Stock and Lamb Fencing. Stock & Lamb · Horse and Foal Fencing. Horse & Foal · Tree, Dyke Topper 

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