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A bench will cost approx. between £750 and £1200 and the location must be agreed with the local District Parks Manager. Sometimes it isn't possible to install the bench in the requested location. A tree will cost approx. £350, which includes two years maintenance. Ornamental trees vary in price according to size and 

Benches. Create a simple seating solution or transform any space into a spectator's paradise with fixed and movable benches. Atessa Bench. Citistyle Bench. Urbanstyle Bench. Atessa Double Bench. Citistyle Double Bench. Urbanstyle Double Bench. Integra Bench Seat. Metro Stackable. Metro Bench. Atessa Wall Mount 

Belson Outdoors commercial metal park bench collection combines strength, durability, comfort, and versatility.

The cheapest benches available are in Waltham Forest, specifically in Lloyd Park where a bench can cost as little as £500. That's a bargain with damage to the bench. Some boroughs automatically replace or fix a damaged bench, others see it as a chance to free up some vital space for a new bench.

Root fixed by 110mm Bench: 1.51004-2338mm (l) x 590mm (w) x 450mm (height - above ground) Seat: 1.51005-2338mm (l) x 650mm (w) x 709mm (height - above ground) Logic Street & Park Furniture · Trinity Bench. The Trinity bench comes in a standard 780mm length sections. Manufactured from galvanised mild steel 

MADE FROM GOOD QUALITY SLOW GROWN CONSTRUCTION GRADE CLS TIMBER FSC CERTIFIED (38mm x89mm). not cheap home grown timber. Very sturdy a. NEW 4 SEATER OUTDOOR GARDEN PICNIC BENCH PUB STYLE SEATING TABLE (120cm Long) fixed bench seating pubs clubs restaurants leisure.

1364 results for outdoor benches and public seating for streets, parks, recreational areas and gardens on EXTERNAL WORKS. x 550mm WEIGHT 244kg Concave 233kg Convex 208kg Puff INSTALLATION Root fixed NOTES The DOVE program consists of three seating elements, two with backs called concave and.

Design and make a park bench to be sited next to a local tourist attraction and able to seat a person safely. The bench must plank is fixed rigidly to the supports. Generally, simplification of a structure . taking account of aesthetics, time and cost; combine, process and finish materials and components to create more useful 

Choose the location you want in a park, garden or cemetery. You can adopt an existing bench or have a new one made especially for the occasion. The bench is based on a design first used in Preston Park in 1883. A stainless steel plaque with an inscription can be fixed to the back of the seat (we advise no more than fifty 

Outdoor solid park bench seats that can be used in schools grounds, parks and gardens. more attractive. We can also bolt benches onto concrete or anchor them into the soil to prevent people moving them for an additional minor cost. This double width park bench is fixed together to prevent the sections separating.

Gossi Park manufacture and install a range of stylish street furniture and park furniture designed for local councils, shopping centres, malls, schools and sports clubs.

The Adopt-a-Bench program began in 1986, as a way to finance the maintenance of areas within the park. Today, the benches, each several dozen handmade rustic benches. With those, you have to fund a restoration of an entire park area and the cost starts at about $500,000, not something to rush into.

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