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Whether you choose wood, vinyl, wrought iron or another fencing material, you'll want to understand the basics of fence installation so you can ensure it is designed and built correctly. Now offered in vinyl, picket fencing is a long lasting alternative; Vinyl means long lasting, low maintenance, and money-saving.

Watch nearly any family movie from the 1940s and at some point, you're going to see at least one house with a white picket-type fence surrounding it. Watch enough of those movies and you'll see that, while these fences at least those in the front yards may be similar in height and “first glance” appearance, they're 

They also provide a safe boundary for children and larger pets although anything smaller than a dog is likely to disappear between the boards! Generally just under 1 metre in height and often painted white, picket fences are easy to install with posts. Picket fences are most commonly made from wood but 

HGTV Gardens helps you pick the best material for your garden fence.

Keep in mind what various fencing styles and materials offer, such as safety, security, privacy, and aesthetics. Picket fences are neighborly and attractive to delineate yards and gardens, but offer little privacy or security. Wooden fences are pleasing to the eye and, depending on their construction, can meet 

Fencing comes in a variety of styles and types, each offering different advantages according to purpose you need your fence to fulfil and choosing the right one is not always easy. At Fountain Timber, one of the largest suppliers of fencing in the region, we will be happy to help you choose the fencing that would best suit your 

Each material, whether it is wood, vinyl, aluminum or steel, has a unique look and impact on the total cost. We will be glad to help you choose the right product that meets your specifications. Among the materials available are: Wood Picket Fences. For a traditional look and feel, red cedar fences can take many forms, with 

A second advantage of using pre-manufactured panels is quality. While you can choose a fence manufacturer that finishes and inspects each fence panel by hand, an industrial sawmill and wood shop will be able to more quickly manufacture pickets and form them into panels with no question of quality or 

Many people think of fences as defining a property's boundary and maintaining a homeowner's privacy. While a fence can serve these functions, the more common reason people choose a picket fence is to enhance the beauty of your yard. The fence expert is the landscape designer not the home security contractor. Pickets 

Inspired by your needs, we have designed fences that compliment the way we believe you shop for a fence. Our Good, Better, Best approach to products allows you to choose from multiple levels of quality and design. Simply stated, you can get the picket fence, rail fence or privacy fence you want at varying price levels.

So before you start shopping for fences, pinpoint the primary purpose of the fence. Do you need to enclose your pool? Would you like a fence to keep your dogs in the yard? Are you frustrated that your neighbors ignore property lines? Have you always dreamt of a white-picket fence? Would you like to 

This guide will help you focus on what items are most important to you for your fence selection. It will cover: Fence Material. Height. Color. Grade of Fence. Style. Finishing In general, these codes require at least a 48” tall fence with 45” between rails and less than 4” between pickets for an ornamental fence. Our most 

I can't believe I can't find this answer online can anyone tell me, if I'm choosing standard 6' PT dogear fence pickets, what is the benefit of 3 4" thickness vs 5 8" or 1 2"? Is it structural, or are the thicker pickets less likely to cup warp bend over time? Also, is there any reason I should consider cedar at twice 

Once you have determined the site, dimensions and perimeter of your fence, it's time to pick out the materials needed for construction. Wood is often chosen over vinyl or aluminum because fences because of their affordability and durability. Spruce is commonly used to create prefabricated, stockade-style or picket fences.

Choose Your Materials. A white picket fence is quintessential, but before you buy wood posts and whitewash, think about the commitment you're making. Wood fences may require occasional staining or sealing and can warp and rot over time. Consider a low-maintenance material, such as vinyl, that offers the look of wood 

“You might want a privacy fence, but need a picket fence,” he says, adding that he generally cautions against privacy fences, which may affect resale value. “When you go to sell your home, potential buyers are going to be like: 'What are they hiding in there?'” If you do need privacy, wooden fences tend to 

Find out about the different types of fences from privacy to security that are available as well as materials such as wood, vinyl, and metal. the paint or stain color. Wood privacy fence Advantages: Beautiful, natural look; Affordable; Easy to install. Types of Wood Fences: Stockade; Shadowbox; Solid Board; Picket; Split Rail 

Vinyl is another fencing option that will last for a long time and can be for either aesthetics or privacy, depending on whether it's installed as pickets or boards. Homeowners have fewer options to choose from in terms of colors with this material, as it only comes in neutral shades and cannot be painted or 

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