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As the owner of an Archadeck franchise in suburban Boston, I've been building residential decks full-time for 18 years. Usually we fasten the deck to the house with a structurally attached ledger, and the house wall provides lateral and horizontal bracing as well as vertical support. But sometimes 

How to Build Freestanding Decks There are several advantages to building a deck freestanding, not attached to your house, and few disadvantages. Deck Performance. “doesn't it wiggle?” Handyguy Brian's freestanding deck is still under construction. The framing inspection passed, the deck boards are going down and 

Since Steve's crew couldn't through-bolt the ledger board, they've installed two rows of posts, creating a “free-standing deck.” The first row . If this still seems confusing, Todd from Home Construction Improvement has a very simple Stair Stringer Calculator spreadsheet you can download for free. With the 

Sometimes, it's easier to build a freestanding deck than it is to comply with the new lateral-bracing codes that apply to decks with ledgers. Other cases where I'll build a freestanding deck include when the house is old and I'm uncertain about the house-wall construction, or when the new deck will attach to 

4. PRESCRIPTIVE RESIDENTIAL WOOD DECK CONSTRUCTION GUIDE. American Wood Council. Figure 1A. Joist Span Deck Attached at House and Bearing Over Beam. Figure 1B. Joist Span Joists Attached at House and to Side of Beam. Figure 2. Joist Span Free Standing Deck 

The error: For construction or aesthetic purposes, builders regularly install handrails interrupted with newel posts. It's also common to see a . To avoid deck-ledger failures, freestanding decks are becoming popular, but the piers nearest the home's foundation are often set atop backfill. In areas where the 

Although no one keeps statistics, "I'd say as many as 10 percent of the decks I've seen have serious design or construction flaws that could lead to catastrophe," says Bob Fennema, A freestanding deck, built on posts so that a 1-inch gap separates it from the house, allows water to drain with no damage to the house.

Deck from above. But look below that deck, and you can see its additional structure. Freestanding deck structureA Why? Indeed, why would someone want her¹ But I have written in detail about bracing freestanding decks in The Journal of Light Construction, the widely respected construction magazine.

Whatever you do, don't skimp on materials (i.e. using 4-by-4 posts) when building a freestanding deck. In fact, for this kind of construction it's best to over-build the deck. For example, I constructed each beam from 2-by-10 boards laminated together to form a big, brawny 4-by-10. And, although the span 

In other cases such as stuccoed houses many builders prefer to build a free standing deck to avoid the mess and difficulty of cutting and flashing stucco. Some older houses may be built with uncertain wall construction that may not be strong enought to support a deck addition. These decks can be built free standing using 

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