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Ruth Wooden Bench. This meticulously styled Wood Bench with Wave Design Seat Slats not only looks great, but also it's built tough, to handle practically anything you throw at it. The round, wavy design creates a diverse aesthetic for your outdoor furniture, and the stained redwood makes it as durable as the tree it came 

Build an outdoor sofa bench. Whether you need a break while working in the yard or are simply relaxing on the patio, a sturdy outdoor sofa will come in handy. This intermediate-level DIY project will help you build one of your own in just an hour or two. Click here for a video that can guide you step-by-step through this 

With a truly unique design, this Lutyens Wood Outdoor Bench with Contoured Seating will surely turn heads at your next event or family gathering. Sizes run from 3 to 8 feet, and can be customized to be even longer if specially requested. You can add a cushion or custom engraving, and the smooth, contoured edges make it 

Like the table, I found much inspiration from West Elm's Wood Slat Long Bench, loving the modern simplicity of this style. Build the Frame. Begin by fastening the blue supports to the yellow ends using 2″ screws and glue. Then fasten the green aprons to the yellow aprons as Style: Green or Eco-Friendly Style Furniture.

The world is becoming a more and more eco friendly place, and that consciousness has certainly found its way into the musical instrument industry. Companies like Wallace Detroit Guitars make instruments exclusively with reclaimed wood from its city's buildings, and bigger brands like PRS have released 

Highwood Leigh Eco-friendly Marine-grade Synthetic Wood 5-foot Garden Bench (Black), Patio Furniture (Plastic) Build Garden Bench - Outdoor Furniture Plans and Projects - Woodwork, Woodworking, Woodworking Tips, Woodworking Techniques. Find this Build #DIY furniture like this wooden bench- Get the plans!

For another, reclaimed wood is more mature than fresh-cut lumber, which tends to make it more durable, so your reclaimed wood projects will stand the This bench by Hammer Design Inc. includes a set of drawers with chevron patterns underneath a comfortable bench with a chevron-pattern backboard.

Plastic Wood Furniture is sustainable, lightweight, weatherproof, doesn't require maintenance and will last you a lifetime. We have Other customer favourites include recycled plastic picnic tables, picnic benches and other garden seating. Its long lifespan and durability make it ideal for cost saving, especially long term.

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If you prefer to treat wood that is in contact with the ground - and you only need do this with the less durable woods - eco-friendly building experts at the Centre for Alternative Technology ( recommend borax, which can be found at the Green Building Store ( For more 

Bamboo can be flattened into flooring, molded into furniture, pressed into veneers, sliced up to make window blinds, or hey, you can just build your whole house out of it. Using bamboo in Good eco-friendly furniture should lend itself to easy repair, disassemblage, and recycling. Products certified by 

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