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Today, there are many construction companies that specialise in timber homes how did South Africans make the leap and come to accept timber homes as a The ceilings and external walls can be filled with insulation, helping you to achieve a home that is warm in winter and cool in summer, without the huge bill that 

labourers on site.” Attilio, MD Geoplast SA. “Heavyweight clay brick walling is an ideal means of insulating buildings against noise. Even a single wall of relevant sections of the building envelope that are included in this catalogue. 04. Suppliers. A list of suppliers in the Western. Cape for insulation, fenestration, modular 

testing in our laboratory. EVERITE products are manufactured to the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management. System. Nutec Building Planks can be used for the cladding of external or internal walls in timber and light weight steel frame construction. See the South African Building Code SANS 10082 for more.

CemCote is a brush-on interior and exterior wall coating that creates a beautifully smooth finish with subtle colour variation. Truly one of our more crafty products, Decocrete is a coloured, cement-based material specifically formulated to be plastered to excessive thickness but does not slide or shrink and dries rock hard.

The fundamental structure of a house is formed by its external walls, which must support the roof and take any other load that is built above. Whatever materials you choose to use when you build, the method used for building walls must comply with Part K 2 of the regulations. Primarily they must be built to 

In South Africa, there are many examples of timber homes, some of which were built more than a century ago an indication of the durability of this building method. Thanks to External walls and flat ceilings are filled with bulk insulation, resulting in a home that is cool in summer and warm in winter.

It provides instant privacy and can be used in a number of different areas and formats including interior and exterior use. A network of South African suppliers of eco friendly products and services, specialising in ongoing research and development to facilitate greener lifestyles in homes and environmentally sustainable 

The moladi system involves the use of a unique removable reusable recyclable and lightweight plastic formwork mould which is filled with an aerated SABS approved mortar to form the wall structure of a house in only one day. The process involves the assembly of a temporary plastic formwork mould the size of the 

IsoBoard's highly effective thermal insulation qualities are equalled only by our versatility in new construction and renovations to the building envelope. WALLS. Cavity wall insulation will prevent heat transfer and build-up to the inner leaf of sun exposed walls. Moisture within the cavity is prevented from condensing onto 

The coating is a great ally when it comes to wrapping a particular surface with a layer of material or paint that can contribute to its decoration. Among the different varieties for outdoor areas, we find in the decoration surfaces worked in natural or artificial stone, cement, plaster, treated wood and even ceramic 

Did you know that, because timber frame walls are so much less bulky than brick walls, you gain approximately 1 sq.m of internal floor area for every 7 have the backing of an organization with a 29 year tack record of promoting and maintaining acceptable standards in timber construction in South Africa.

and this is where Heart Wood comes in. Discover more 

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