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I used merbau stain on top of the line treated pine decking. I bought it for the look on the sample chart for result on treated pine. It came out seriously blotchy and uneven in colour, from light orangy to mission brown, no matter whether I used a brush, or the Cabot applicator pad. The only way to get an even finish was to coat 

NaturalStain is available in a wide range of timber colour options to cater for individual designs or in your case to give treated pine the appearance of another more luxurious kind of timber like Merbau for example. To achieve the hardwood finish you're after, we would recommend using the Merbau stain on the treated pine.

I had a treated pine deck that was stained and showing its age. I looked at oils and stains, but anything would still have shown the defects through it (Scratches, dents, stains etc). Ended up painting in Grey and it looked amazing. So I guess it depends what finish your looking for. User # 16691 posts.

What Color Should I Stain My Deck? What Color Should I Stain My Deck? It's easy to find the best deck stain colors - when considering wood stain colors for your deck, consider what color will best enhance the wood's finish. See Deck Stain Colors · Deck Stain Colors 

For fully exposed decks, a water-repellent sealer or a penetrating semi-transparent stain may provide the best finishing solution, even on wood that has been pressure treated with preservatives. Special formulations made specifically for decks are available. These penetrating deck finishes, at least the water-repellent 

“Problem is when you restore an old deck you should sand it back first and this brings out the original timber colour and tropical hardwoods don't take to stain well as they are so hard, the stain doesn't penetrate and soak in. Best options if you want to stain a deck are softer decking timber like Treated Pine 

SouthernPine Ochre. Pre-Stained, merbau look. SouthernPine OCHRE is H3 treated pine decking with an 'infused' earthy brown colour. OCHRE decking is produced locally from the SouthernPine species which is renowned for its superior strength and stability. Grown in local plantation forests, this unique high density 

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How to Seal and Stain Pressure Treated Wood Decking. Most decks are made from pressure treated pine. Here is how to keep your deck looking great and protected. Remove staining, mildew and old finish with a commercial deck cleaning

Also, once the decking is fully installed, it should be protected using decking oil, stain, or water repellent. As well as protecting the deck from the elements, the oil or stain will bring out the beauty of the timber. There are even oils that are specifically designed for use on treated pine. Of course, you also have 

The kind of stain you put on your deck and when you apply it depend on the type and condition of your treated wood. There are three basic categories of green-treated, or Wolmanized, lumber. (Wolmanizing is a patented manufacturing process.) Wet treated wood: The most common kind is still wet when you buy it. It'll be 

There's one job we really wanted to accomplish this summer: staining and sealing our treated pine deck.

If you want to change the colour of your timber, staining is a great way to do this. By staining your deck, you can achieve a variety of different colours, for example, you can transform a light coloured Treated Pine deck to look like a Merbau deck. However it is important to note, if you already love the look of your deck, then 

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Pressure Treated Pine Whether you have had an old deck replaced or simply had a new deck added on, there are certainly a lot of benefits. Wood decks increase a.

Colour: Treated Pine Timber: Spotted Gum. The colour, species, age and condition of the timber to be coated will impact the final colour and finish of all Intergrain products. The colours swatches on the Intergrain website are to be viewed as a close representation of the colour and finish that can be achieved. Always test on 

Pressure Treated Wood Background: This is the most common deck wood used in America. Pressure treated wood is typically a low quality pine selected for it's high content of sapwood and low content of heartwood. Sapwood is more easily saturated with chemicals but has less inherent insect and microbial resistance than 

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