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I am both a Realtor and appraiser. As an appraiser, it is rare for me to give value for items such as this. It may depend on which area of the country you live in, I am in the Seattle area. It is common for us to have sellers, very proud of their amazing landscaping (or deck, covered or enclosed patio, new hot 

This room is accessible through the garage and has a door on the outside. The door presently opens to nothing but my husband is going to build a covered deck with stairs. We also have a 16×16 ft. outbuilding with concrete floor, shingled roof and covered porch. There is a room above with separate 

It use to be the recommendation that the area consumed by the stairs only be counted once, either in the first floor area or the second floor area, but not in the difference could be whether or not the appraiser had ready and easy access to take outside measurements of the second story, for all living areas.

Outdoor space (e.g. terraces) and parking spaces are also not considered in calculating appraisal value, but the appraiser may make an adjustment in the For example, a unit on the fifth floor of a five-floor building won't count as a comparable to a unit on the fourth floor of a four-floor building even if the 

Would this second story room not be considered a bedroom because it does not have access to a bathroom on the same floor? I'm just trying to .. The deck had additional egress directly into the master bedroom of the house (sliding glass door) and an exterior stairwell down to the patio. Now technically 

See more ideas about Deck ideas 2nd floor, 2 story deck design ideas and Underneath deck ideas. Wood deck front door Matching Second Story Deck with Cable Railing - Woodland Hills, CA . A second floor deck with dry space underneath and Cambridge ledgstone patio creates a double-decker outdoor space.

Most decks cost about $10,000, give or take. An appraiser's No. 1 rule is finding homes that are very similar within a mile away of your home, so matching your improvements to the homes in Recessed windows, hardwood flooring, built-ins and custom seating are also great ways to add value. #5: Build a Second Floor.

Location a 2nd floor terrace overlooking a busy north south avenue has more noise and soot as well as a lower perception of security; privacy just now: sandymattingly blog loft-features-outdoor-space riffing-with-the-miller-on-the-value-of-manhattan-terraces-decks-balconies.

carpenter scraping wood with planer Here, we'll share the most common repairs that should be addressed before an appraiser makes a visit. with no handrail that are deemed a safety concern by the appraiser; Second floor doors lacking decks that are not secured; Raised decks with no railing 

decks. Scope. 2.1. Sika Car Park Deck System has been appraised as a car deck waterproofing membrane and trafficable surface on buildings within the following scope: outside the scope of this Appraisal. All materials must be stored inside, up off concrete floors, in dry conditions, out of direct sunlight.

These tips from the pros will help you get the best possible appraisal. Small bathrooms, rooms that are accessed through other rooms, slanted second-floor ceilings and small kitchens can be a downside. Think big and small here — this can range from renovating the kitchen to painting your deck.

Each floor should be measured from the exterior, making sure all overhangs and cantilevered sections are added. Most lenders also require the appraisal report's building drawing to include measuring any porches, decks, patios and outbuildings. Since measurements are taken at ground level, multi-story homes are based 

Water leads wood to rot, mold to grow and drywall to decay. That's why basements and crawl spaces must be dry to garner VA approval. The VA states that any excessive dampness or ponding of water in a home's crawl space must be corrected, and most appraisers extend that rule to basements, as well.

HomeAdvisor's Property Appraisal Cost Guide lists prices associated with hiring an appraiser to determine a home's value, as reported by HomeAdvisor customers. value: if you're going to make renovations, do the ones that add most to the bottom line, such as kitchens, an enclosed garage, wood flooring or landscaping.

When you cannot measure exterior walls (as with uneven second stories or FROG's) measure the perimeter walls of the area from inside and add 6” for each exterior wall. Page 6. An area that is considered finished is an enclosed area that must have walls, floors, and ceilings which are covered with acceptable.

New engineered wood floors replaced the mishmash of linoleum tiles and musty, high-maintenance carpeting. Outside, they removed the asbestos An “open floor plan with flexible living space” was second only to an updated kitchen on millennials' list of most desired features. Finishing a basement is the 

These may include new replacement windows, construction of a deck, laminate flooring, insulating the basement or adding central air conditioning. Special landscaping features enhance the outside appearance of a home, although an appraiser will pay particular attention to the location, neighborhood and lot size.

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