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Decking made with recycled polyethylene (PE) may require shorter spans than products made with poly- vinyl chloride (PVC), which itself may not be able to span quite as much as some solid wood decking. Webbed, or hollow-core, composite decking is available in both rectangular and tongue-and-groove profiles.

Composites offer several properties that hollow vinyl railings do not — components have a more solid feel, sport low-gloss finishes, and provide the appearance of natural wood. Also . Geo-Deck Plus White Railings are comprised of a wood composite core capped with a coextruded PVC coating in white.

Other makers of composite planks make a product with hollow rectangles or channels to make the product lighter. Solid Core Vinyl. Most solid vinyl decking materials are made with a cellular PVC process. Cellular polyvinylchloride is an extruded material, meaning that it is forced through a die rather than molded. This is 

Composites come in both solid and hollow-core versions. Solid “boards” are simpler to deal with, but heavy, hollow types are lighter but fussier to install. Some composites Vinyl decking is yet another low-maintenance option, although one that offers a particularly non-traditional deck. Installation differs as 

In addition, you need to use either wood or the manufacturer's proprietary trim pieces to finish off the ends and edges where the hollow core will show. The solid decking is very similar to solid wood decking as far as size and thickness. But try picking up a piece and you will see the difference. It is very flexible and requires 

One is that these hollow-based, flexible-material surfaces are noisy due to the hollow core causing expansion and thus, “knocking” against adjacent boards. Additionally, the surface can be easily-scratched, scraped, or cut like any other PVC or vinyl surface AND colors quickly fade or become altered due to 

As more homeowners expand their outdoor living spaces with backyard decks, many are opting for composite decking. This newer This newer alternative to wooden or vinyl decks requires little maintenance and comes in a number of style and color options. What's the difference between hollow and solid core boards?

Perfect for classy decor, with a dark colour typical of refined interiors marked by pronounced contrasts, the Dark Grey hollow core decking board is especially popular Waterproof Vinyl Decking - 09 · Exterior wood plastic swimming pool deck · t-decking-06 · Ecological Wood Plastic Hollow Core Flooring - 06 · t-decking-05.

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