Exterior Deck Waterproofing Membranes

If the deck is in a cold climate, the moisture freezes, expands, and causes tiles to erupt. Still, a failure in the tile installation does not mean a failure in the waterproofing system. If the membrane is intact and performing its function of keeping the water out, replacing a cracked (or erupted) tile or grout joint is 

Expansion and contraction can't be avoided, but minimal movement is required to prevent the waterproofing membrane from cracking and splitting. On the other hand, sawn tapered joists may be necessary to preserve height differences between interior and exterior floor levels, in which case I again 

A growing trend is turning previously unusable outdoor living space into an oasis complete with tile, torches and plenty of smiles. You may also Many of these projects include upgrading an exterior balcony, patio or flat roof spaces above a garage or sunroom. MFM SubSeal Waterproofing Membrane.

Jiffy Deck is a 40 mil (1 mm) thick reinforced peel-and-stick sheet waterproofing membrane specifically designed for use under ceramic tile, porcelain and natural stone as a stress relieving material in conjunction with thin-set methods on exterior decks. FEATURES & BENEFITS. 30 Day exposure rating; Fully adhered 

for use under ceramic or stone tile finishes on external decks and balconies. Scope. 2.1. AquaBlok Exterior Waterproofing Membranes have been appraised for use as a deck and balcony waterproofing membranes for buildings within the following scope: ¬ the scope limitations of NZBC Acceptable Solution 

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