disadvantages of using decking

It's also splinter-free and easy to work with. Deck screws sink in and disappear. , and DuraWood EX come with 10-year warranties, while ChoiceDek and DuraWood PE are backed for 20 years. Disadvantages: Some composite lumber has a plastic appearance, and some colors fade over time. During 

Disadvantages of bar grating: Not the least expensive option for mezzanine decking; Using bar grating does not eliminate the need for sprinklers below in all applications since shelving, pallets, equipment etc. (that will be placed on top of the bar grating after install) will reduce the percentage of open area 

One disadvantage of grooved decking is that it can be more difficult to keep clean than smooth decking. As a result, in any area where hygiene is of the essence, there is no getting away from the fact that smooth decking will be much easier to keep clean and debris free than grooved decking. Commercial 

What Are the Drawbacks of Composite Decks? These are all great and wonderful things, but, as with most things in life, there are a few downsides. One of the drawbacks to purchasing a composite deck system is that they're not cheap. Popular Mechanics notes that this type of decking generally costs 

This cost means that PVC will be a more expensive investment up front, although manufacturers claim that the long life and low maintenance requirements of the deck make it an economical decision in the long run. PVC lacks the realistic feel of wood. Although manufacturers form the product with 

We have listed the advantages and disadvantage of glass balustrades for decks and you may find that there are somethings that you have not thought about

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