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1x6 Tongue & Groove WRC Cedar Wholesale Deal NEAR Clear WRC - Factory Pre-stained 1x6 Tongue & Groove - just milled! We accidentally milled and factory PRE-Stained 2212 SQFT of 1x6" Tongue & Groove Near Clear Western Red Cedar Siding. NEAR CLEAR" is our Buffalo Grade description for B&BTR, #2&BTR, 

We offer a wide selection of sizes used for decking boards, joists, treads, risers, skirting, posts and hand rails, as well as heavy timbers for boardwalks and structural applications. We also carry pre-grooved (PG) and tongue-and-groove (T&G) profiles, and offer custom millwork for special profiles or sizes. deck facing 

One of our bigger sellers. Cedar tongue and groove wholesale for paneling, siding, sheds, outdoor showers, and more. roughsawn cedar. Cedar Lumber Square Edge. Huge inventory wholesale. Cedar square edge in smooth one side and standard to thick boards to pecky, incense and western red options. cedar decks 

1 2x4 Rabbeted Bevel Siding Pattern #400, KD, 5' to 20'. 1 2x6 Rabbeted Bevel Siding Pattern #362, KD, 5' to 20'. 1x6 T&G S1S RS1S VJ-2S #711R, KD, 6' to 20'. Clear Aye Rough. Rough, Standard Sawn, S4S, Resawn, Custom Patterns. 1x4, 1x6, 1x8, 1x10, 1x12, KD, 6' to 20'. 2x4, 2x6, 2x8, 2x10, 2x12, KD, 6' to 20'.

We sell and deliver the best cedar and fir lumber anywhere in the world. We guarantee our lumber and deliver anywhere. We stock fencing, decking, siding, tongue & groove, architectural and custom lumber. PLEASE CALL OR EMAIL TO ARRANGE YOUR ORDER. Previous; Next. Pause 

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