how to stagger the joints in laminate flooring

To stagger the joints from row to row, we began the second row with a plank cut to 12 inches long. We also laid out a “dry run” of planks to make sure we didn't have a tiny sliver of flooring at either end of the room. According to Pergo's instructions, the flooring planks should have joints staggered by 12 

Shorten the first piece of laminate flooring so the joints in this row will be offset (staggered) in relationship to the first row. Use a wooden block to tap the next row of boards into the first. Hold the block securely with your left hand and hit the block with a hammer in you right hand. The gap between the first and 

Hi we've just had a new laminate floor put in but we're not sure if this layout is right? it seems too uniform as the planks have been laid in a H formation and from a quick hi again Daisy would your hubby know the best layout for them if you stagger them wouldn't a diagonal pattern start to creep in?

The Second Row Onward. illustrated 6-inches between plank joints. The joints must be staggered at least 6 inches. Measure and cut your first piece accordingly, using a cut end from the first row if necessary.

If the leftover piece is too small, cut a piece to fit, maintaining a minimum 8” stagger between butt ends. Continue using 1 4” spacers at the beginning and end of each row. Laminate floor boards are typically all the same length, but they must still be installed like hardwood flooring, with staggered butt joints 

When you install laminate flooring, two of the most important things to get right are where you choose to start laying the first boards, and which tools you use to cut laminate flooring . Continue like this and also stagger the joints so that no obvious pattern is repeated, make sure the boards always stagger by at least 150mm.

Not staggering laminate floor such as running the boards wall-to-wall in a hall often results in problems. a laminate floor installed in my living kitchen area, the floor was not installed to the manufacturer installation instructions, (IMPORTANT: When laying out planks, always stagger the end joints from row to row by at least 

After the first of the year I'm going to tear into my living room, and hallway for new paint and floors. I've chosen to use Pergo XP with a 4 7 8" width. Each piece is 47.625" in length. Question? Would you stagger joints every 16", or every 12"? 16 creates the same joint every 3rd board, or 12 being every 4th.

Two important things to remember when laying the floor: Stagger the boards; Ensure you maintain a minimum length for end boards. As a rule you never want the seams of adjacent boards to be less than 8 inches apart (I recommend 12 inches for a better look). To cut the flooring place the plank on its face (sunny side 

Any time that you install plank-style flooring, such as hardwood or laminate, you should stagger the joints where the planks come together to avoid straight joint lines across

This will ensure the joints between planks in a row are staggered from the joints in adjoining rows (Image 1). The laminated flooring in this project has a soundproof backing and textured cherry wood finish. It snaps together by lining up the planks at an angle and then flattening out the row being installed (Image 2). To save 

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