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Page 6. Below are some examples of where Perimeter and Feature Boards might be introduced. Gapping and spacing Optima Deck Boards. When installing OPTIMA , edge-to-edge board spacing must be a minimum of 3 16”. While. OPTIMA Clips are self-spacing, square-edge board installation will require the use of a.

since they rely on the roof for primary support but do introduce a need to prevent leakage to the space below. Solid decks may be made of caulked planking or of plywood with a water- proof coating such as an elastomeric wearing surface. Low-level wood decks may be chosen for their non-reflective and resilient qualities in.

decking should floor you. Page 2. Zuri Decking by Royal is where the breathtaking look of exotic timber lives effortlessly with a new definition of low-maintenance, high-reward outdoor living. ways to distinguish their homes and outdoor living spaces. And they're all backed by a 25-year Color 

an end coat wood preservative on all saw cuts and drill holes. An orbital sander is good for lightly sanding away any rough edges or timber markings, but be careful as this may affect the colour of the deckboards. A wide-bladed cold chisel should be kept handy to even the spacing between bowed deck boards. Spacing 

Introduction. Kwila decking should be kept dry and out of the weather until installation. On site each pack should be kept off the ground by placing it on bearers and covered Free air circulation under the decking is very important to help minimise cupping and warping. suitable spacing, will allow for adequate ventilation.

Deck Substructure Joist Spacing . . not quickly, with the blade fully up to speed before beginning the cut. ▫ Keep the circular saw straight through the cut to avoid chipping. ▫ Do not use cordless cutting tools. ▫ NEVER use nails to fasten MIRRITE, which may result in damage to the fastener and deck board. INTRODUCTION.

Buy Johnson Level & Tool 60-275 DeckMate Deck Plank and Fastener Spacing Gauge: Hydraulic Equipment - FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases.

Introduction. Clip Hidden Deck Fasteners make installing a deck Quick & Easy. When you use our fastening systems your deck will be free of splinters, The installation process is made even more simple because our Hidden Deck Fasteners automatically set 3 32" or 1 4" spacing between the installed deck boards.

Whether you're looking for a practical and attractive solution for a balcony or a cost- effective alternative to a conventional lawn, decking can provide a year round extension to your living space and, with only minimal maintenance, will be as good in years to come as the day it was installed. For instance, the introduction of a 

Gap Spacing: When installing decking, be sure to leave a 1 4" gap between deck boards. This gap spacing may be adequately achieved by selecting . Conclusion: If you have any questions, contact us for written clarification prior to starting your project. By purchasing material from, you 

Building Decks. Introduction. A deck is one of the most versatile and valu- able additions you can make to your home. A well-made deck is great for entertaining or . 3. Building Decks. Joist . Beam. Depth. Joists. 1. Locate your deck's joist span in the table below; this will determine your joist size and spacing. Joist Size. 2x6.

Lock-In Deck Spacers are the first permanent deck spacer that makes installing perfectly spaced decking a snap. The 3 16" spacer clamps the joist and fits un

Introducing a NEW way to fasten Decking fastened on ANY Angle!!! Proper gapping with the built on spacer, creates confidence that the decking boards will not be compromised by improper spacing. Easy to install for the Then using an approved deck screw, fasten the Invisi-Fast Angle to the joist using a lower hole.

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