timber plastic decking minimal maintenance

Composite decks, in contrast, are virtually maintenance free, needing just a basic clean with a composite deck cleaner or combination of soap, hot water and a soft bristle brush, on a semi-annual basis a quality that even stone can't compete with. Composite decks require no staining and will retain their colour for years.

With a bigger focus on low-maintenance gardens and outdoor spaces, is traditional timber decking under threat?

Composite decking, on the other hand, will last around 20-30 years but requires less maintenance. The majority of composite decking just needs to be cleaned regularly, and there is no need to treat or stain it to prevent moisture damage. Due to the low maintenance requirements of composite decking, timber is by far the 

Composite decking is a popular, environmentally friendly alternative to natural wood as it's weather resistant, stain resistant and lightweight. Requiring next to no maintenance it allows you more time to live on your deck rather than work on it. From our range of colours you are sure to find the perfect match to your décor.

Relax, it's low maintenance. Built to withstand your growing family, our composite wood has been time tested with children, bicycles, barbeques, party-goers and paddling pools. Composite decking is a timber alternative made of 60% timber content, making it strong enough to withstand stilettos. Whilst at the same time it's 

Composite decking boards colours Theres no doubt that Composite Decking is more expensive initially than traditional softwood timber decking but start to think about the lifetime and maintenance of your decking and soon you will see that it's a much better investment. No varnish or maintenance required year after year so 

Composite or synthetic decking is the ultimate choice for a low-maintenance, long-lasting deck. Timber Tech. Most varieties require extra trim to cover the unsightly exposed ends. The last board may require reinforcement. Like the solid versions, these composites are cut with normal carpentry tools. Installation details vary 

Low Maintenance. As much as we'd like to, in the modern world, who really has the time to be looking after their decking? Composite Decking doesn't require most of the upkeep that real woods need. You won't need to sand it or apply any products such as paints or stains. The only maintenance you are likely to have to do 

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