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Wall cladding made from COLORBOND steel adds another dimension to your home. Whether as a beautiful, long lasting exterior facade or as feature walling on the inside, it creates depth and texture. Available in 22 attractive colours inspired by the colours of Australia, COLORBOND steel wall cladding also delivers a 

Wood effect cladding offers the same look as popular timber cladding options, but requires less maintenance. They are usually pre-painted fibre-cement boards, which are designed to look like wood. These are highly durable and are available in a wide range of colours. Expect to pay around £45 per 

Your choice of cladding should be based on a careful assessment and prioritisation of each of these roles for each orientation of your home. The range of textures, colours, styles and finishes available means that the aesthetic outcome is limited only by the designer's imagination, council regulations or extreme site 

Take a look at our options for hygienic PVC wall cladding that will stand the test of time. Use colour to subtly create a mood with Altro Whiterock Satins. This versatile and sophisticated wall cladding is available in a range of solid, decorative, satin shades from soothing and healing through to bright and energetic.

Altro safety floors and hygienic wall cladding come in a range of colours, from neutral, warm and cool colours to wood look flooring. Our specialist bathroom floor, Altro Pisces, has a consistent, soft appearance, perfect for domestic bathrooms. Available in 16 shades, it gives colour choice to fit into your current interior design.

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In addition to having plenty of colour options, it's important to note that the wall cladding you choose will be coloured in a way that will make it appear flawless for years. The colour permeates through the product completely, so if any damage does occur to the surface, all that you'll see is more colour, thereby camouflaging 

The durable Rockpanel Colours cladding boards for exterior cladding and roofline applications are available in almost any RAL NCS colour. Imagine the freedom of choosing any colour you like from an artist's palette and then painting your building in the perfect tone of your choice. That's the choice you have with the 

wall cladding system, offering excellent surface protection and is specifically designed for areas where cleanliness is a priority. The smooth, easy to clean surface creates an impenetrable barrier to moisture and bacteria. Protects with high resistance to impact damage. Available in 16 colour options. Ideal use in kitchens, 

We also use the material for wall cladding to cover the internal face of wall cladding in sports halls in accordance with Sport England's current guidance on Affordable Sports Halls. As standard Trevira is available in four colours - two greens and two blues which are suitable for the vast majority of sports hall uses. We are 

The right exterior wall covering, whether on a new build or renovation project, can have a dramatic impact on a building's appearance and can provide both warmth Dura Cladding is available in a range of colours, widths and styles to suit both contemporary and traditional projects and has been used by a vast array of 

Walls. Inland. Coastal. 20 years. 25 years. 25 years. 30 years. 15 years. 20 years. 20 years. 25 years. Solid, Metallic & Matt Colours. Element Colours. Solid, Metallic roof and wall cladding using single skin, built-up or composite . make an informed colour choice based on availability, feasibility and level 

Cladding is the material that covers your external walls and roof. It sets the scene for the rest of your building, enhances your street appeal and makes a statement. But looks aren't everything, and a poor choice of cladding for your project can lead to future problems. What's available? What should you 

Cladding Sunshine Coast has never had so many colours of vinyl cladding to choose from. Today, there are many rich colour options that will stand up to the damaging effects of the sun and provide a great look for your home's exterior. In fact, there has never been a larger spectrum of wall cladding colours on the Sunshine 

MANUFACTURED IN AUCKLAND AND CHRISTCHURCH. AVAILABLE NATIONWIDE. Metclad850 is a trapezoidal wall cladding solution that offers great value to any project. Clean lines and wide sheets make Metclad850 the simple but effective choice for wall cladding in any situation. Metclad850 is available in 

Results 1 - 24 of 660 Bathroom Shower Cladding Wall Panels-Ceiling Panels- Grey Marble-100% Waterproof-By Claddtech (4 Panel Pack). by Claddtech. £23.49 £3.60 delivery. Bathroom Shower Cladding Wall Panels-Ceiling Panels- White Gloss and Chrome Strips-100 · More options available 

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