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Manufacturers now treat wood with nontoxic chemicals that make these products safer as well as rot- and insect-repellant. Decking experts at The state that “pressure-treated lumber provides greater strength and is less expensive than other deck materials. Use it to frame the structure, then choose another 

susceptible to rot and insect attack. The heartwood in most naturally durable species is darker in color than the sapwood, which is generally white or tan. Wood plastic composite. (WPC) lumber. WPC material is a combination of wood flour (or other natural materials such as rice husks) and plastic shaped into decking 

If you need to install decking lights, this can be easily achieved with wooden decking boards compared against other materials. modern hardwoods have natural resistance to effects caused by insects, saving you the cost and effort of having the boards pressure treated compared to soft timber boards.

The incidence of infestation and damage by fungus and wood destroying insects can increase when materials are left unprotected. BluWood contains a borate solution with proven insecticidal fungicidal properties, providing resistance to costly damage by wood ingesting insects, including Formosan termites. Typically 

Choose Wood Materials Carefully To Prevent Termites and Rot. by Barb Ogg, PhD, Extension Educator. Click to email this page to a friend. email this page to a friend. Unprotected wood used outdoors for decks or landcaping can be damaged by termites and decay. To increase the longevity of wood, homeowners have 

It is made from extremely dense wood with tight grains. IPE decking is usually a deep rich brown color although some pieces of the wood can display red and amber hues. It has the hardness of 3600 pounds and is the highest rating decking material against insect infestation. IPE decking is resistant to decay and carries a 

Decking: Applications like decking, where the wood is frequently wet and close to or in contact with the ground, demand a durable wood that is an effective durable and has an insect barrier. Acetylation has been shown to significantly improve performance against brown rot, white rot and soft rot. Accoya wood has also 

Whether you plan to build a solid wood ground-level deck or a composite multi-level masterpiece, The has the materials you need. Here's a quick look at the Resists insects and rot; Has open-celled structure with little to no pitch or resins; Easily absorbs and retains all types of finishes. Typically available and 

Like any major home purchase, decking materials vary in looks, durability and cost. Wood. New Wooden Deck. strathroy E Getty Images. Wood is the original and traditional material used for decks. The Atlantic City boardwalk -- the first This makes them more resistant to the elements, rot and insects.

Real estate firms not only promote granite counter tops and stainless steel appliances as features of homes they sell; they also list composite decks as an upgrade. Composite decking is viewed as a luxury item and is highly coveted.In the past, composite decking materials could only be purchased from 

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