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Solid Composite Decking. Why settle for average when you can have beautiful. Our range of Solid Composite Decking is the alternative to high maintenance timber products. Solid Composite Decking lasts year on year and comes with a 25 year guarantee, with little or no maintenance required, 

Learn about composite decking basics and watch how BamDeck stacks up to the competition in some real world durability tests. Instead of a cheap filler wrapped in a tough cap, BamDeck features its hybrid formula of ultra-dense bamboo and long-lasting plastics through and through, available in solid and 3G options.

Beautiful, weatherproof composite decking and accessories, available to buy online. Including FREE Hollow and Solid Decking . When you buy from the store you'll enjoy long-term peace of mind as most of our UPVC building products carry a 10 or 20-year guarantee against discolouration, warping and cracking. You'll 

Battling the composites for market share are all-plastic decking products extruded from PVC in either a foamed structure known as "cellular" or a nonfoamed, noncellular structure that is confusingly referred to as "solid PVC," "hollow PVC," or just "vinyl decking." Cellular PVC is the relative newcomer in the 

Cellular PVC: Originally developed by Procell, now owned by , a process where PVC (poly vinyl chloride) and sometimes cellular pvc decking a filler (processed flax seed or rice husks.)where extruded PVC is whipped into a less dense (about ½ as dense as solid PVC) aerated foam resulting in a extruded material with 

Product Name: Solid WPC Composite Wood Decking Foam Planking 140mm X 25mm, Material: WPC Composite Powder. Size: 140mm X 25mm, Length: 2.9m Or 5.8m. Application: Balcony Floor Decor 

process for a stunning low-gloss, natural matte finish that resists oxidation, clouding, fading and staining far beyond outmoded composite or plain PVC decking. Performance. Defined. Performance. Matrix. Clubhouse. Brazilian. Hardwood. Clubhouse. Competitive Cellular. PVC Decking. Composites. Capped Composites.

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