Easy to clean wood floor

Real wood flooring has timeless appeal and enduring popularity and it's not hard to understand why. Sealed wood floors are easy to clean; a simple brush or light vacuum keeps your wooden floors looking in tip top condition. What's more, if pets or kids have dragged mud through the house, a damp mop 

If you want to learn how to clean your hardwood floors quick and easy, then we have the solution for you. This method also works on cleaning laminate and cle

All-natural Hardwood Floor Cleaner So easy to make and boy does it do GREAT job!

I am a professional house cleaner and I have come up with a 2-step method for cleaning hardwood floors that is the fastest for me and gives the best results without all of the excess work. If you have a home with lot of wood floors, then I recommend a Miele vacuum because they are easy to work with and do a good job.

Few things add more to the appearance of a house or a flat than impressive wooden flooring. However, if not cared for properly, wooden floors can easily lose their handsome appearance. The question of how to clean hardwood floors must therefore be treated carefully. Fortunately, cleaning wooden floors is relatively 

While you should sweep and or vacuum regularly to keep the floor free of dust and scratching agents, you should only clean your hardwood when it really needs it. This will prolong the life of your floor. Hardwood floors are generally easy to keep clean, as there is nothing to trap dirt or dust. A simple sweep 

Blasting steam directly onto your floor may or may not damage them, but there's no sense in finding out the hard way. When cleaning your wood floor, you will need to lift the mop head into the air and give the trigger a few short bursts, enough to get the cloth hot and a little damp, but not wet. This is easier 

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