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An expert in Engineered Structural Timber Solutions, Prolam's state-of-the-art plant has a large capacity and can manufacture to specification a wide range of timber products including glulam beams, I beams, LVL timber, posts, wood flooring, timber retaining walls and mid floors.

As a high specification engineered timber beam, with excellent strength, stiffness and dimensional stability, glulam offers many design and performance benefits. We can supply glulam in custom section sizes that are chosen to match our JJI-Joist product range depths, in three standard thicknesses of 38, 45 and 90mm.

Offers a versatile range of uses from roof and floor beams to decking, in fact almost any structure. Glulam Beams are manufactured using a lamination process, using mainly spruce but also redwood and Siberian larch - all sourced from sustainable forests. glulam-beams-02. Glulam Beams are bonded using an adhesive 

Welcome to Dunscar Timber! HOME > About Us. Dunscar Timber is a family owned firm with over 40 years of trading with strong traditional and family values. We pride ourselves on our quality of both service and product as well as the range of products we offer.

Glulam Beams NZ Techlam - NZ's largest Glulam timber manufacturers providing high quality structural timber NZ wide. Contact us today. Structural Laminated Flooring. The Techlam structural flooring system is a cost effective alternative to traditional mezzanine floors. More 

Sizes Available, Cost, Quantity. GL17 HARDWOOD LAMINATED BEAM 133x115mm B-GRADE - MLBAL, $63.50 LM. This field is required. GL17 HARDWOOD LAMINATED BEAM 133x60mm B-GRADE - MLBAL, $39.99 LM. This field is required. GL17 HARDWOOD LAMINATED BEAM 133x80mm 

Glulam (laminated beams) is the natural alternative to steel or concrete. Glulam is made by gluing together, under pressure and heat, laminates of timber that have been accurately planed. Durable; Good-looking; Approved British standard; Energy conserving; Competitive Pricing; Fast delivery across the UK and Eire 

Enter your span and load conditions and receive a list of joists suitable for your application.

As it rarely twists, warps or splits, LVL is great for the long spans required for roof and floor joists, as well as framework studs where extra strength is Prices vary depending on the brand of LVL you go for, but a structural beam (39mm thick x 220mm wide) from a brand such as FinnForest Kerto costs 

Robinson Manufacturing are experienced suppliers of glulam beams. One of the strongest structural materials available today, Glulam beams are easy to use, durable and fire resistant. When designing roofs or floors, glulam is a cost effective alternative to steel, thus providing a complete timber solution from just one 

15 results Shop Menards for great selection of laminated veneer lumber that can be used as headers or as floor and ceiling beams.

GLULAM BEAMS ARE IDEAL FOR A RANGE OF FRAMING APPLICATIONS— HERE'S proven product performance make the cost-competitive material loaded floor beams. Stock beams come in 60-foot lengths and are commonly used to create spans upward of 20, 24, and 28 feet and greater. Stock glulam is an ideal 

Engineered timber offers a cost effective and sustainable alternative to steel or concrete beams, providing enhanced strength that is ideal for larger roof floor spans. We supply Glulam (Glue Laminated Timber) and Versalam beams. Aesthetic benefits. Glulam timber is sourced from sustainable forests in Scandinavia.

I-joist. I-joists are cost effective, strong, light weight and easy to install. LVL -Structural Laminated Veneer Lumber. For use in all permanent structural applications. Merbau Laminated Beams & Posts. Kapur Laminated Beams & Posts. SmartLam Gluelam Beams. JOHNS BUILDING SUPPLIES. 205 Star Street, Welshpool WA 

Metsä Wood's network of national distributors, offer a design service based on existing floor plans. They offer a quick turnaround of design, quotation and delivery of Finnjoists to site helping you keep on-time and in-budget. Distributors include: Crendon​, DG Timber, Alsford Timber, Bartram Timber, Sydenhams, Joseph 

Our BCI Joists form part of the Simple Framing System which includes other engineered wood products such as Versa-Lam LVL Beams, Glulam Beams and LSL Howarth Timber Engineered Solutions offer estimating, design, manufacture, supply and installation services for I-Joist floor, roof and wall systems and their 

A 2002 case study comparing energy use, greenhouse gas emissions and costs for roof beams found it takes two to three times more energy and six to twelve times more fossil fuels to manufacture steel beams than it does to manufacture glulam beams. It compared two options for a roof structure of a new airport in Oslo, 

Ridge beam Eaves beam Purlin. Floor beam. Load width [m]. Load width [m]. 2.0. 2.5. 3.0. 3.5. 4.0. 4.5. 2.0. 2.5. 3.0. 3.5. 4.0. 4.5. 90 x 225. 4.2. 3.9. 3.7. 3.5. 3.3. 3.2. 3.6. 3.3. 3.1. 2.9. 2.6. 2.3. 90 x 270. 5.1. 4.7. 4.4. 4.2. 4.0. 3.9. 4.3. 4.0. 3.8. 3.6. 3.1. 2.8. 90 x 315. 6.0. 5.5. 5.2. 5.0. 4.7. 4.5. 5.1. 4.7. 4.4. 4.2. 3.7. 3.3. 90 x 360.

Characteristics. Uses beams and headers, columns and posts, floor and roof joists, decking, arches; Appearance grades architectural and industrial; Stress grades see the table below; Service conditions dry and wet uses; Species spruce-pine-fir, contains 90% black spruce. Widths from 38 to 327 mm (1-1 2 to 12-7 8 in.) 

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