best flooring for pets

The best flooring for dogs is one which enhances a clean living environment. Flooring like bamboo, cork, stone tile etc. can all make life easier for you and your dog.

Every pet owner struggles with floor maintenance, as do veterinary hospitals. One expert shares eight solutions for the best flooring for pets and human needs.

Find the best and worst types of flooring for pets. Read the pros and cons of the various options, including top choices of tile, cork, bamboo & more.

So, you have pets more specifically dogs and you are looking at the best flooring options if you own pets. Which do you choose? Hardwood? Bamboo? Laminate? Carpet? I recently had to do a ton of research on hardwood floors and what type of wood (if any) would be best for my 80 something pound 

Discover what flooring option is best for you and your furry friend.

Which is the best flooring for pets? Learn what to expect from vinyl, laminate, and hardwood and find the most durable flooring products for pets.

What is the best flooring for Pets? Flooring Gurus Flooring megastore outline the best flooring for pets in this handy guide. Learn about the types of tile, vinyl, laminate, carpet and wood flooring for pets.

Planning to build a home or renovate? Think about pet-friendliness when considering what flooring to choose, this article will help you decide what is best.

From pee to poop to throw up, keeping floors in shape when you have cats can present a bit of a challenge. Here's how to choose the best flooring for cats!

As a pet owner, you have some unique concerns when it comes to your flooring. You need something that will be able to weather your pet's claws, hide dander, be easily cleaned, be a comfy nap spot and still look good in your home. What's the best option for home owners with pets? In order to really know 

Pet Flooring No-Nos. Now, let me preface by saying, there are no hard and fast rules on the best flooring for dogs. We have some suggestions, but if you are committed to having, for example, both hardwood and dogs, you can. You just may end up leading a much more pedantic lifestyle when it comes to 

We think the best floor for pets is LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tiles). LVT floors are finished with a tough, scratch-resistant layer, which resists the constant clatter of claws. This means a good quality LVT floor will last a long time, even with pets. LVT is also waterproof, so whether your cats come charging in from the 

Whether Fido is a housetraining pup or a geriatric who's having accidents, your floor will suffer. Covering the floor with newspaper or pee pads is a makeshift solution, but if you're installing or replacing floors, you have limited options for Doggie-proof flooring materials. Forget carpet and hardwood floors and instead choose 

When your home has a dog, you need to find a floor covering that makes everyone happy--dog and human alike. Here are the 7 best floors for dogs.

Dogs are man's best friend. They're loyal, protective and loving and they deserve a lot of respect and appreciation for that. So if a dog owner has to take on a few extra challenges when decorating the home he or she will share with the pet, it's worth it. Today we'll discuss the flooring issue and analyze a few 

Invest in one of these options for the best flooring for dogs, and you'll be protected against scratches, dents, and dirt brought in by your furry friends.

Learn about the factors to consider for choosing flooring when you have pets. Considering the best flooring options for pets may save money in repairs and.

From slip proof to easy to clean, we uncover tips for finding and maintaining the best flooring for dogs.

The best flooring for dogs and other four-legged friends is, among other things, durable. Popular varieties of beautiful hardwood and luxurious wool carpets don't stand up well to daily wear and tear, so if you've fantasized about filling your home with high-maintenance flooring, you might want to think twice.

If you want the Best Flooring for Dogs or the Best Carpet for Pets read our Quick and Easy guide to pet friendly floors that can take Scratches & Spills.

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