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But will a deck really last that long? Or maybe you already have a deck, but it is 8 or 10 years old and looks shabby, and you wonder about upgrading it. Replacing the flooring and rails could cost $8,000 or $12,000 or even $18,000. The new synthetics look good and promise low maintenance. If you're tired 

Incorporating a timber deck is a popular choice and using the right decking materials, a long service life can be enjoyed. Learn more from the TDCA.

Better Decks. Your choice of timber will have an impact on its long-term usability — and the best ways around the issue of slipping. Of course, even if you are a lawn lover, there is no reason why you Both treated softwoods and hardwoods can be expected to last for around 25 years if well maintained.

Decking boards have grooves cut into them that act like little drains to let the water run off. HOW LONG DOES DECKING LAST FOR ? It could out-live you as long as it IS TREATED every year… YOUR DECK YOUR CHOICE. How you want your deck to look is ENTIRELY your choice. we have access to a wide selection of 

Giving your deck a few coats of deck stain is a great way to preserve it against the different weather conditions that will be presented during the years. Many people want to be able to show off the wood grain of their newly built deck and will choose deck stain over paint to do just that.

Dear John: Whether they're oil-based or water-based, stains will not last long on horizontal surfaces, due to weather elements like sunlight, snow, ice and rain. Wear is most commonly caused by the sun's ultraviolet rays deteriorating the stain surface. So, if your deck sits in nearly full sun, the horizontal 

Frequently Asked Questions. What are the choices for materials? How should I maintain the deck? How long does a deck last? Will composites last forever? What is the best choice for materials? What about invisible fastening systems? Do I need a permit? Are screws better than nails? Q. What are the choices for materials?

I had a new floor and top hand rail put up on my deck early fall last year, the other part of the deck is still the original and in good shape but is painted. I want to paint the entire deck to make it match up; however, how long do I need to wait before I can paint. It has been raining the past 2 days but has stopped and isn't 

How do you know when your handrail deck needs to be replaced? A From the description provided it would seem that your decking boards have started to deflect between the structural timbers supporting them. It would be advisable to take off a board at the affected area and place a long spirit level on it.

1)Location - The best location for a deck will have moderate, dappled shade for most of the day. Blazing 2)Quality of lumber - Buying a better grade of lumber, with fewer knots, checks and other defects, will extend the life of a deck. . Why don't wood decks last as long as other residential structures?

Naturally durable species of wood should be used in the construction of a deck to insure a longer life span. It is also acceptable to use pre-treated varieties. Note: Only grade 4 treated wood should be used as structural supports. Decking should offer a 15 year service life 

How long will a timber deck last? The life of a deck depends on the quality of the original timbers, the preservation treatment used and the design of the structure. Our decks are guaranteed to last for up to 15 years, and are expected to last much longer.

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