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Hardwood is a classic and high-end option for flooring, but ceramic tile offers durability and affordability. Combining the two materials in a single room creat.

Carlisle Wide Plank Floors 4 Popular Cabinet & Wood Flooring Combinations for your Kitchen. The quality of a Carlisle floor is matched only by that of the customer experience.

Hardwood flooring is an excellent choice for your home. It brings warmth and texture to living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms and family rooms, and it's easy to care for after installation. Hardwood doesn't trap dirt and dust like carpeting, which makes it a healthier option if you or anyone in your home is 

The flooring experts at HGTV.com share their favorite types of hardwood flooring.

Comfortable homes need a mixture of flooring that can stand up to high traffic and display personality. Today's designers, however, promote the trend of one vast group of wood or carpet for dramatic visual impact. It's a striking look, but in the real world, homes work best with combinations of flooring 

This living room has classic Spanish elements, combined with more modern finishes. The floors have a soft golden tone, mostly due to the solid fruit wood flooring, and the light cream painted walls. Furniture pieces are slip-covered armchairs and sofas, paired turned wood details on exposed wooden legs seen on the 

Hardwood is a classic and high-end option for flooring, but ceramic tile offers durability and affordability. Combining the two Hardwood and tile floor in residential home kitchen and dining room Stock Photo - I like the combination of stone near the entry (where dirty shoes can be taken off) to the wood flooring.

Traditionally, flooring treatments have been separated by "transition strips"—narrow boards that neatly cut off wood or carpeted sections of a room—but now, homeowners and designers are doing away with the defined separation in favor of something far more interesting. Transitional flooring, also known 

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Hardwood flooring is the traditional hallmark for taste, style, and performance. Prized for its natural beauty and lasting durability, hardwood in the home makes a rich visual statement but keeps cleanup a breeze. That's why hardwood floors are the perfect combination of strength and style for homes with both children and 

The colour pallet of the tree is different, which is true for BOEN floors. A darker parquet matches well with modern furniture in light linen, or in combination with interior elements, such as wool and leather. Oak Antique Brown really brings out the dark colours of the wood, and gives us a feeling that indoors 

Real, solid hardwood floors are made from solid pieces of wood (usually ¾” thick). Popular species are oak (which is very durable and takes stain well), walnut, maple, ash, hickory and cherry. Engineered hardwood on the other hand is a combination a top layer of hardwood with several layers of interlaced plywood, finger 

We carry top quality major brands of wood flooring. Wood flooring adds beauty and elegance to your floors. There are many different styles of wood flooring, and the widths vary. Species of wood should match your home. Come by our showroom and we can help you decide what is best for your home, and your unique style.

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