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SCHEDULE 1. Customs & Excise Tariff. Example: - synthetic man-made staple fibres of polyimide,. - synthetic man-made staple fibres of polytetrafluoroethylene,. - synthetic man-made staple fibres of polyphenylene sulphide,. - synthetic man-made staple fibres of polyvinyl chloride,. - other synthetic man-made staple fibres,.

Decking board made of wood composite, 

Law 1 of 2012 consolidated with the Customs Tariff (Amendment of Schedules). Order, 2014. This Law may be cited as the Customs Tariff Law (2014 Revision). 2. For the purposes of heading 21.04, the expression "homogenised composite food preparations" means preparations consisting of a finely.

This collection brings together the tariff notices published from 1 January 2013. Tariff notices contain information about how to correctly classify certain goods for import and export purposes. You can find tariff notices published . Tariff Notice 6 (2016): synthetic lubricant based preparations. 12 May 2016 

Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States (2011). Annotated for Statistical Reporting Purposes. VII. 39-2. 3. Headings 3901 to 3911 apply only to goods of a kind produced by chemical synthesis, falling in the following categories: (a) Liquid synthetic polyolefins of which less than 60 percent by volume distills at 300EC, 

Free to use ecodek Reversible Composite Decking Board - Heavy Duty Ribbed (HD) BIM object from ecodek.

Please find below a table with 10 digit HS tariff codes, import duty & tax rates and any import restrictions for Wood plastic composite (wpc) decking board for 141 countries.

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