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Learn how YOU can waterproof & repair your swimming pool. Protect your concrete, yourself, and those you love at the same time with an excellent concrete pool deck coating. (more…) Waterproofing inground swimming pools is a vital part of keeping your pool functional and enjoyable. Homes and 

Bridge decks membrane. Water retaining pond lining Linings and Other Uses. Internal tank lining and protection. Waterproof Floor coatings including nonslip flooring for commercial and industrial premises. Chemical resistant coating for tank linign and bund lining. Retention pond lining. Swimming Pool lining. Encapsulation 

Swimming pools must be designed and constructed to meet the water-tightness criteria in accordance with British Standard 8007:1987, which states “that during level pool towards the deck level channel and freeboard pools away from the pool into drainage channels around the perimeter of the pool surround. These falls 

DECK-O-SEAL offers Deck Sealers, Concrete Pool Deck Construction Products, and decorative concrete sealing compounds to protect your pool deck.

Apply a wood sealer formulated for outdoor decks. This can be a clear sealer to show the natural wood grain, a semi-transparent sealer with a preferred color tint, or a sealing "paint" available in your choice of colors. Solid penetrating stains or semi-solid stains with an opaque color are the best to protect pool decks. You can 

07 19 16 Silane Water Repellents DECK-O-SHIELD USA · Canada. PENTREAT 244-40 OTC USA. PENTREAT 244-100. USA. 07 17 16 Bentonite Composite Sheet Waterproofing CLAY-TITE USA · Canada. 07 26 16 Below-Grade Vapor Retarders PREMOULDED MEMBRANE VAPOR SEAL WITH PLASMATIC CORE 

Reliable and long-lasting protection against humidity with Maris Polymers systems for swimming pool and fountain waterproofing under the ceramic tile.

Teamac Metaclor Quality Chlorinated Rubber Swimming Pool Primer Paint is grey, highly reactive, fast drying and of (1 Reviews) Waterborne coloured protecting finish for hardwood, softwoods, pressure-treated timber decking, docks and cladding. Aquaseal Waterproof Tanking Membrane. For use on 

Swimming Pool Membrane The usual material used in swimming pool construction is reinforced concrete with the added benefit of internal or negative side waterproofing. Consideration to both ingress and egress of water needs to be factored equally when designing an appropriate waterproofing system.

Find pool coatings that fit your needs online from SANI-TRED! Our products make for great waterproof sealant for pools & help to repair and restore as needed.

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