replacing a honeycomb floor in a boat

I am in the process of replacing the soft floor in the 17' speedboat. I have taken the carpet up expecting to find floorboards like on my other boat but i actually found this 

Core material can range from different types of foam to lightweight processed woods, such as end-grain balsa or plywood, and even in some applications, aluminum honeycomb. In this blog, I'll explain how core damage can happen and in future blogs I'll explain how to repair minor core damage with the 

22. 3.7 Keel repair . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25. 5 Repairing Hull and Deck Planking. 4.1 Carvel planked hulls and laid plank decks . . . . . . 27. 4.2 Lapstrake Planked Hulls . . . . . . . . . . 32. 4.3 Plywood hulls and decks . . . . . . . . . . 33. 4.4 Molded or laminated veneer repairs . . . . . . . 37. 4.5 Installing a teak veneer deck .

The resource come from: boat-deck.html Seven Trust Maintenance free Fence is flexible for design and appearance specifications , o

It's difficult to repair a rotted I O transom without removing the through-hull units, although it's do-able. . Floor Replacement One of the most common areas of damage on fiberglass and pontoon boats is deteriorated or rotted-out cockpit deck flooring. The reasons are obvious: water saturation through leaking glass laminate 

5 Repairing Core Related Damage. 5 1. Repairing skin delamination. 26. 5 2. Replacing damaged cores. 29. 5 3. Repairing transom delamination. 31. 5 4. Repairing holed panels. 37. 6 Repairing and Upgrading Soles and Decks. 6 1. Repairing delaminated soles and decks. 40. 6 2. Installing a teak deck. 42. 7 Installing 

In my opinion, that honeycomb flooring sucks. If it didn't you would not need to replace it. Use marine grade plywood glassed over if you can. I'm not sure when MC went to it, but my 91 has fiberglass and my friend's 94 has honeycomb flooring. We had to put backer plates under the honeycomb flooring to 

Exterior walls Decks Marine sliding doors Floors Ceilings Stringers Bunks Furniture Covers Hatches Cabinetry Roofs. Lightweight & Eco-friendly. Eco-friendly lightweight More importantly, unlike other marine plywood composite materials, Sing Core is extremely simple to repair. To repair, you can easily cut 

Stronger and Lighter In simple terms, the core increases the flexural stiffness of a sandwich panel used in hulls, decks and bulkheads by effectively increasing the distance between the two stress skins, much like an I beam. Marine honeycomb cores also effectively provide shear resistance, a key component to overall 

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