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If you're looking for decking that will create a comfortable outdoor living area that's easy on the feet and light on maintenance, I would first look into a fully-capped bamboo-based decking from Fortress Deck. By incorporating bamboo, this composite is more water resistant than wood-based composite decks, 

With a new surface, furniture and just a plant or two, a lightly used deck draws a family outdoors again. But after Luca's splinter episode, I resolved to look at the deck with an eye toward its potential, not its present. For help, I called Steve Cory, author of “Deck Designs” (Creative Homeowner, 2009); 

Regular wood deck maintenance is best to prevent splinters. with the budget-friendly options The Pragmatist at The New York Times came up with, such as covering your deck with tile or the new mold-resistant outdoor carpeting. Which brings us back to our original point: A splintered deck is not a fun place to hang.

Lumber grading considers several wood characteristics. There are three primary grades of wood, 1, 2, and 3, and the lower the number the better the wood. Within each grade are different varieties that describe specific characteristics but to not affect the grade of the wood, for example #1 Select Tight Knot, #1 Standard Tight 

My wooden deck is older, and the wood has started to darken and splinter. Outside of replacing the wood, is there anything I can do for a quick and inexpensive fix? 18 Answers. Sandy Slade. on Apr 17, 2016. Hi,, Do you have a jet wash or can you use a neighbour or friends first if not a scrubbing brush and ordinary 

So I guess it's not surprising that decking options have grown exponentially over the past several years. It wasn't long ago that the only choice was quaternary (ACQ) or copper azole. A newer carbon-based, nonmetallic preservative is also available in a limited number of products, including Wolmanized L3 Outdoor Wood.

's low-maintenance decking is a revolutionary alternative to wood and plastic decking that does not rot or splinter. in practically any conditions; wave goodbye to dirty, slippery decking, because 's high-performance products are here to make your outdoor living space significantly easier to look after.

Timber decking has been much improved in recent years, making it a great choice for your landscaping scheme, whatever style your garden is. Not so long ago, TV makeover shows were all about enthusiastic gardening 'experts' showing us how our outdoor spaces could be transformed in a matter of 

Examination of the six basic materials commonly used for outdoor structure will make these decisions easier. Redwood Lower grade redwood is fine for decking and rails. Avoid wood that has light-colored sapwood. This wood is often not rot-resistant. For posts, it is best to use construction-heart or clear-heart grades.

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