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My neighbors are having Wayne Smith build them a two-level deck adjacent to their new sunroom. This video documents part one.

Multi-level decks allow you to separate a deck into different areas for different purposes, or to create a particular structural feature to improve the look of your home.

They can be two decks connected by a set of stairs, an elevated area in the middle of a deck, or a series of deck tiers reminiscent of a wedding cake. How you design the levels is up to you. Whatever the design, there are some distinct advantages to building decks with different levels in sloped backyards.

Multi-Level Deck. multilevel wood deck mississippi. Photo &copy Patricia McCarthy. A multilevel deck is the answer for a large property, or one that changes in elevation. Multilevels are a series of decks on different levels, often connected by steps or paths. The terrain often dictates the need for a multilevel 

This style of decking has the ability to completely transform a garden into a perfect place to host, entertain or relax on a summer day. A brilliant idea for this decking is to have different purposed for different levels; perhaps comfortable seating on one level and a barbeque or hot tub on another. If you are 

Get ideas for turning your deck into an outdoor retreat--because the best vacation spot is sometimes in your own backyard. The level change makes the small backyard appear larger. Columnar Hollywood .. David Polifko transformed his backyard with three decks of different sizes, at three different levels. A deck also 

Find and save ideas about Tiered deck on Pinterest. See more ideas about Deck, 2 level deck ideas and Decks. provides tips for learning what factors and styles to consider when planning your deck. There are endless possibilities for styles of decks from simple to elaborate, a single landing to multiple levels. Recent trends lean Of course, you could take a different approach in customizing your space. Make your deck 

Take decking to another level. You can lay decking at different heights and levels, depending on the shape and surface of your garden. A raised deck is a good option for sloped or uneven gardens as a way of creating a flat surface for a dining table or a seating area. If you build a tall enough frame, you can even use the 

See more ideas about Tiered deck, Deck ideas using pavers and 3 level deck ideas. Taking advantage of the garden's changes in ground levels, steps lead from the upper dining deck to the lower patio paved in smooth sandstone. .. Whilst quite a different setting, having a patio set over two levels and separated with.

Note: Q-Deck components are preservative pre-treated to different levels of protection to the meet the requirements of industry standards. These standards are defined as 'use classes'. Consider the end use of your deck when planning the sub-frame design. You may need commercial specifications for large groups of 

Split-level deck. Try a deck with a few levels to create the feeling of different zones in a small outdoor space — even a slight shift in height can add a lot of visual interest. Perhaps put seating on one level, a grill on another and leave one open as pass-through space. Small trendy deck photo in Toronto. Nice smaller deck 

Take advantage of your multi level deck design by utilizing the different levels. Outdoor kitchens are a popular trend in deck design. If you have a finished porch below your deck, you can install anything from a grill to a full kitchen with a fridge and prep area. Turn your deck into an outdoor dining room with a large table to fill 

Wherever your deck changes elevation you will need to pay special attention to how the respective levels are supported and attached to one another. It is usually best to frame one level at a time to provide a reference point to build from. Sometimes you may need to install blocking below the frame between posts of an upper 

While homes with smaller backyards may only need one deck and patio area, if you have the space, the trend is to build a sprawling, multi-level deck. Each level is used for a different purpose; on a single-level deck, a grilling area, dining area, and a place to visit with friends and family are all cramped into the same space.

Many people like to add new levels to the deck, connected by stairs. This latter method is best when you're worried that the new decking material won't match the old (and if the old deck is weathered at all, it likely won't). By putting the new deck on a different level, it makes the transition less jarring and unsightly. The new 

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