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Do I need to treat my newly installed wood fence with any type of water sealer or stain? No, it is not required, but it is highly recommended to consider protecting your investment with a periodic application of a high quality sealer, and or stain. This will prevent advanced aging to include fading, water damage. How long will 

In fact, an occasional soap-and-water bath is usually all that's required to keep it looking like new. Plus, capped composites are exceptionally resistant to staining and fading, so your deck will retain its beautiful appearance for years with only minimal upkeep. The same just can't be said about wood.

Where can I buy Veranda Decking, Railing and Fencing; and how much does it cost? Veranda Decking, Railing and Fencing What is the difference between Veranda Composite Decking and wood? Veranda decking products combine the Does Veranda ArmorGuard fade or stain? Veranda ArmorGuard is warranted for 

No material is. Though many of these products carry 25- to 50-year warranties that protect against things like rotting, splitting, peeling, and insect infestation, we've seen these decks fade, buckle, and harbor mildew in certain conditions especially the stuff that contains wood fibers. But, generally speaking 

Seclusion fencing also comes with a bottom aluminum rail, which adds to its strength and helps prevent twisting and warping. Traditional wood fences and even other composite varieties don't have this feature. The combination of the Seclusions interlocking panels and its bottom aluminum rail 

Learn the pros, cons and relative costs of low-maintenance exterior fences made from vinyl, steel, aluminum and composite materials, along with tips for. A good fence may make a good neighbor, but not if it fades, warps and becomes an eyesore. That's why . Look for a solid or reinforced bottom rail to prevent sagging.

Long life: Composites don't rot or attract termites, they can't warp or check, and you can go barefoot without fear of splinters. Minimal fading: All composites turn a slightly lighter shade after the first two or three months in the sun, then the fading stops. (Left to its own devices, wood inexorably turns gray.) Longer boards: Up to 

Frequently Asked Questions. Does aluminum fencing come in different grades? - Yes, we offer residential, guardian, commercial, and industrial grade fencing products. Are all aluminum fences just plain straight lines? - No, there are a variety of different styles. You can customize to your taste. Open top means the pickets 

If your deck, rails or fencing is in need of maintenance, Pete the Painter of Northbrook, IL, specializes in wood care. We can repaint, repair, Recommended Power-wash Cleaning every: 1 year Sealing: every 1 year to prevent bleaching & fade, wood-rot, splintering, mold & mildew. Vinyl Fencing Composite Decking.

Composite Fencing Easy to install, no-maintenance composite. Cleaning is as simple as using soapy water so no messy solvents are required to keep it looking perfect. We can guarantee our composite products against staining, fading, rot and insect attack for at least 10 years and up to 25 years for solid decking.

Why ? More weather resistant Lower maintenance Better value. Denser, stronger, and heavier than wood; Resists splintering, scratching and insects; Prevents stains, rot, warping and fading; No need for staining, sanding or painting. TimbertTech composite decking adds beauty to your home, plus they're 

Composite lumber is usually more costly than normal or treated lumber. Composites may last longer, but the initial investment is likely to be higher. Many composites are formulated to be fade, scratch, and stain resistant, but no lumber is immune to the elements. Although composite lumber may resist these marring effects 

Some of these materials quickly fade to an unattractive gray color, but you can restore your deck's appearance with Messmer's Composite Deck Finish. Restore a composite Do not begin until you have read and understand all instructions. If you have It is necessary to clean them periodically to keep them looking good.

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